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Evans Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

While every vehicle collision carries the risk of serious injury, few collisions are as inherently dangerous as a side-impact car wreck. Also known as a T-bone crash, these accidents are especially dangerous for the occupants of the vehicle that is struck on its side.

If you are the victim of a side-impact crash through no fault of your own, it could be in your best interest to discuss your options with a veteran car accident attorney. If you can prove your claim, you could recover monetary compensation from the responsible driver. An Evans side-Impact car accident lawyer could review your case and advise you regarding your eligibility for compensation.

Seriousness of a Side-Impact Accident

It is the design of a passenger vehicle that renders side-impact collisions so devastating. While the front and rear sections of motor vehicles have significant cushioning in an impact, the same is not true for the side panels. For most vehicles, only a few inches of car door or glass separate a driver from a car crashing into its side. Due to the limited protection, side impacts can cause catastrophic injuries.

T-bone crashes can occur in a variety of ways. They are especially common in intersections, where one driver fails to yield to a stop sign or traffic light. However, these crashes commonly occur when two roads merge. The vehicle struck in the side has the right-of-way in most situations, but that is not always the case. An Evans attorney could help a victim identify the responsible party in a side-impact car accident.

Common Damages in a T-Bone Crash Injury Claim

A plaintiff in a side-impact crash case could be eligible for a wide array of compensation. These damages could compensate a plaintiff for their physical, emotional, and financial losses stemming from the crash.

Much of the compensation available is known as economic damages. These damages are designed to compensate an injury victim for their measurable losses. They could include anything from hospital bills to the cost of repairing a vehicle. Proving the value of these damages at trial typically involves the introduction of bills, invoices, or estimates.

Non-economic damages are different. These damages, including pain and suffering, are not tangible in nature. There is no documentary evidence that can establish their value at trial; only witness testimony.

Damage Caps

There are caps on certain types of damages for an Evans accident claim. These caps operate to limit the amount of recovery at trial for certain types of damages. However, there are also a complex series of exceptions that do not apply in every case.

Under state law, the plaintiff could seek compensation for all of their out-of-pocket economic damages. However, some non-economic damages are limited to $250,000. However, that amount is adjusted for inflation, allowing significantly higher recovery each year.

The laws regarding damage caps are complex, and can directly impact a plaintiff’s recovery. The good news is that with the help of an Evans side-impact accident lawyer, you might be able to avoid these caps.

Discuss your Options with an Evans Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney

A T-bone accident can be devastating for drivers and passengers alike. Anyone on the side of the car where the impact occurs could face serious risk of injury. When these injuries occur, it is important to take steps to protect your legal rights.

If you sustained an injury in a side-impact crash due to another person’s negligence, you might be able to recover compensation for your injuries. To learn how, call an Evans side-impact car accident lawyer right away.

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