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While most drivers are typically aware of the potential for an accident on roads or highways, many do not expect a parking lot collision. That said, these accidents are a common occurrence. Even at low speeds, a vehicle collision could result in traumatic brain or neck injuries.

If you sustained an injury in a garage or parking lot collision, seeking an experienced car accident attorney could serve you well. You have the right to seek monetary compensation for your injuries, but taking on that challenge alone can be difficult. An Evans parking lot accident lawyer could guide you through every step of the claims process. To get started, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

Common Types of Parking Lot Collisions

One of the major hazards in a parking lot involves backing out of a space. Parking spaces are often tight, and visibility is challenging when driving in reverse. The conditions in a parking lot are continually changing as well. While there might be room to pull out when you put your car in reverse, another vehicle can quickly get in your way. This can include other cars backing out at the same time or vehicles driving down the aisle.

Intersecting aisles are also a common cause of accidents. Unlike streets, which are typically governed by stop sight or traffic lights, parking lot intersections often have no signage. This makes the right-of-way unclear.

No matter the nature of the crash, an Evans parking lot accident lawyer could provide you with valuable guidance regarding your legal options.

Establishing Fault in a Parking Lot Crash

Building a convincing injury case is different compared to other vehicle collision lawsuits. In a private parking lot, police rarely respond to the scene of the accident. This means that there would likely not be a police report available.

Liability in a parking lot accident generally involves the right-of-way. The right-of-way typically starts involves parking aisles. Drivers already established in an aisle have the right-of-way compared to parked vehicles attempting to pull out. Additionally, when one aisle intersects with another, a driver turning onto the new aisle typically must yield for traffic already established in the lane.

Every parking lot accident is different. They each require a thorough investigation of the accident and the parking lot itself to determine liability. An experienced attorney in Evans could help with the process of identifying the at-fault driver.

Speak with an Evans Parking Lot Accident Attorney Immediately

Whether your injury is minor or significant, you have the right to seek compensation following a parking lot accident. Injuries that occur in a crash often seem minor at first, but may worsen over time. By pursuing an injury claim, you might be able to recover the compensation you need to focus on healing from your injuries.

The process of pursuing monetary damages begins with consulting experienced legal counsel. To get started on your claim, reach out to an Evans parking lot accident lawyer right away. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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