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Every year in Colorado, people are injured both inside and outside of their homes just from using seemingly safe products. If a defective product has hurt you or your family member, a knowledgeable Johnston product liability lawyer may be able to help you. A dedicated and experienced attorney can help you to navigate your way through the complex nature of a consumer product liability lawsuit.

While a successful judgment in a court of law cannot restore your health to the state you were in before the injury caused by the defective product, adequate compensation may be able to ease some of your financial worries that were caused by the injury. Please arrange for a consultation as soon as possible to see how a Fort Lupton defective products lawyer can assist you.

Types of Defective Products

Any product that harms a consumer can be deemed unsafe, provided that the consumer is using the product in the manner in which it is meant to be used. If a consumer is injured while using a product according to its directions, then that product can be considered defective.

Possible Sources of Liability

If a person is injured due to the usage of an unsafe product, a defective products attorney in Fort Lupton can help pursue a case, on the grounds of either negligence or recklessness, against one or all of the following:

  • The product’s designers, on the grounds that the design of the product was inherently unsafe
  • The product’s manufacturers, on the basis that the product did not undergo sufficient testing and/or that the product did not come with sufficiently clear warnings for proper use
  • The product’s distributors, on the grounds that they were distributing an unsafe product
  • The retail store where the injured consumer purchased the product, on the grounds that they were selling an unsafe product

Legal Issues and Potential Recoverable Damages

Cases involving defective products are very complex and require a detailed understanding of complicated regulations at both the state and federal level. A Fort Lupton product liability lawyer understands all of these complex regulations and can approach each unique case in an attempt to achieve the best possible resolution for the injured people.

Product liability lawsuits must be filed within two years of the injury or reasonable discovery of that injury, according to Colorado Revised Statutes Sections 13-80-106-108. However, once a product has been sold for more than ten years, the state of Colorado presumes that the product is not defective and that its manufacturers or sellers are not negligent (CRS §13-21-403).

A Fort Lupton defective products lawyer can help an injured person fight for financial damages to pay for medical costs, physical or mental therapy, short and long term disability, past and future lost wages, diminished earning capacity, travel expenses, wrongful death, legal costs, and pain and suffering. When determining damage amounts to be awarded to victims, Colorado courts will follow the theory of comparative negligence and take into account the actions of the victim. If the court determines that the victim was somehow negligent in their use of the product, then, according to CRS §13-21-406, the victim’s damages will be reduced in relation to their degree of negligence.

Call a Fort Lupton Defective Products Attorney Today

Injuries caused by unsafe products can be catastrophic. A compassionate Fort Lupton product liability lawyer can help you relieve some of the difficult financial burdens that follow such catastrophic injuries. A knowledgeable Fort Lupton defective products lawyer has experience with product liability cases involving large product manufacturers and can work with you to pursue damages against all of the responsible parties.

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