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When an injury occurs in the course of performing job duties, injured workers may be entitled to benefits through workers’ compensation. Under this program, workers can receive monetary help to pay for medical costs and recovery expenses as they seek to heal from their injury and return to work.

However, workers may face backlash from employers and their insurance companies who do not want to pay the necessary benefits. If you have been injured on the job, contact a Westminster workers’ compensation lawyer to review the details of your case and build a strong claim. A seasoned attorney could negotiate on your behalf and help you obtain fair compensation. En Español.

Common Reasons for Disputes

There are several reasons employers and insurance companies often cite to deny or undercompensate an injured employee’s claim. Disputes may arise from issues such as:

  • Disagreements over the cost of specific healthcare providers
  • Disagreements over the extent of injuries
  • Disagreements over the treatment ordered by the injured person’s doctors
  • Disagreements over the injured workers’ diagnosis

An injured individual could contact a Westminster workers’ compensation attorney before disputes arise. If a lawyer is present from the start of the claim, the lawyer and claimant could proactively protect the rights of the injured worker.

Steps for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

One of the most important steps in the workers’ compensation filing process is ensuring the injured worker reports the injury to their employer within four days. If the injured worker does not make an official injury report before this deadline, they may lose the right to collect workers’ compensation benefits. Once a report is filed, their employer’s insurance company may agree to provide medical coverage.

However, insurance companies typically have a list of medical providers who are authorized for these benefits, so it is best to check with a Westminster workers’ compensation attorney who could help an injured worker visit the correct healthcare provider.

Permanent Disabilities

In some cases, an injury may lead to a permanent disability. For a permanent disability to be considered official, the injured worker’s medical provider must determine the worker has reached a point of maximum recovery in their healing process. When this happens, the worker will need to be given one of two types of permanent disability benefits:

  • Permanent partial disability: used when a worker is partially disabled but can return to work in a limited or different capacity
  • Permanent total disability: used when a worker cannot return to work in any capacity due to their injuries

When assessing permanent partial disability claims, the amount of compensation is determined by the area of the body that has become disabled, the severity of the injury, the worker’s age, and the worker’s usual income. The total compensation afforded to the worker is typically 2/3 of their normal wages and may be paid out for the rest of their life.

Consult with a Westminster Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

If you have been injured on the job, you should consider getting in touch with a Westminster workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. With their help, you could build a successful claim and pursue a fair compensation package.

A workers’ compensation lawyer who is present from the outset could help gather documentation to combat disputes, help you file within the deadline, and fight for the maximum benefits allowed. Call today to see how legal counsel can help you secure your rights and future.

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