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Johnstown Bus Accident Lawyer

Colorado bus accidents are relatively low in number compared to national statistics. However, busses are large and carry anywhere from 40 to 80 riders. When one accident occurs, injuries and fatalities can be disproportionately high.

Just as operating an automobile differs greatly from operating a bus, accidents involving busses typically differ greatly from accidents involving automobiles. That is why it is recommended to work with an attorney experienced in bus and public transportation claims when planning to file for damages. If you wish to recover compensation, reach out to a Johnstown bus accident lawyer today.

Proving Liability in a Johnstown Bus Accident Case

Determining liability in a bus accident means exploring all possible contributory factors including:

  • Mechanical malfunctions
  • Equipment defects
  • Improper maintenance
  • Road conditions
  • Bus passenger distractions
  • Operator exhaustion to the weather

To prove these contributory factors, victims should take advantage of all the resources available to them. A Johnstown bus accident lawyer could take on the majority of the legal responsibility that comes with filing a claim to ensure that these elements are appropriately supported by convincing evidence.

How Could Someone File a Bus Accident Claim?

In order to help ensure a successful claim for compensation following a bus accident, plaintiffs are recommended to photograph and/or document what happened as soon as possible. This includes images of a damages to a private vehicle, noting the name of the bus driver, and the number of the bus involved. Victims are also strongly urged to seek medical attention and secure copies of all related medical records.

It is important that plaintiffs not speak with any representative from the bus company or agency, including their insurance person without the aid of a Johnstown bus accident lawyer. Choosing to do so without the help of an attorney could have a detrimental effect on an insurance claim.

What is Comparative Negligence?

Colorado follows a comparative negligence rule which adjusts the claimant’s amount of compensation based on how responsible they were for the accident. If a claimant is found to be 30 percent responsible for an accident and seeks $100,000 in damages, under comparative negligence they will receive $70,000 to account for the negligence. If any claimant is found to be 50 percent responsible or more, they forfeit their right to compensation for their injuries.

Deadline for Filing a Claim

In Colorado, a claimant’s time limits for filing a civil action can range from one to three years, with the state providing an extra year (three total) for personal injury and injury to property claims if a motor vehicle is involved.

Reach Out to a Johnstown Bus Accident Attorney Today

Diverse factors can help or hinder your ability to secure compensation following a bus accident. Most drivers and pedestrians who utilize Colorado’s roadways and walkways are not fluent in personal injury law. Nor do they understand the roles and responsibilities of the people and processes that may have contributed to an accident and thus should be held liable.

An experienced Johnstown bus accident lawyer may be able to help. To get started on your claim, be sure to schedule a no obligation review of your claim and explore your legal options as soon as possible.

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