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The medications prescribed for you or your family should be a trusted source of treatment, health, and well-being. Yet, as evidenced by recent events, unknown or unanticipated consequences of some dangerous drugs can manifest themselves in serious injury.

For help with filing a claim, be sure to reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney today. A Johnstown dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to get you the compensation you deserve. To get started on a claim, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

What Steps are Taken Towards Protecting Consumers?

A consumer’s most important advocate in the area of prescription medications is the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). As stated on their site, the FDA conducts trials that contribute to effective drug safety evaluation, including reviewing all pre-marketing safety data. Drugs undergo a complete evaluation of their metabolism, their interactions with other drugs, and potential differences in safety and effectiveness for people of different genders, ages, and races. Along with approving beneficial drugs for marketing, the FDA regulates the manufacturing, labeling, and advertising of prescription drugs. Consult with a dangerous drugs lawyer in Johnstown for more information.

When Does a Drug Recall Happen in Johnstown?

A drug recall can occur when a pharmaceutical manufacturer discovers a harmful side effect of one of its products and voluntarily alerts consumers to stop using the drug. Other times the FDA can force a manufacturer to recall a drug. Under either scenario, the recall typically happens only after the consumer has used the drug and may still be at risk of injury.

The following is a partial list of dangerous drugs that have been recalled by the FDA or are under consideration for recall:

  • Levaquin
  • Accutane
  • Darvocet
  • Darvon
  • Celebrex
  • Vioxx
  • Bextra

Arguments for Pursuing a Dangerous Drugs Claim

Drug-related liability claims are typically pursued under three arguments:

  • Defectively manufactured pharmaceutical drugs
  • Pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous side effects
  • Improperly marketed pharmaceutical drugs

Defectively Manufactured Pharmaceutical Drugs

This claim involves an injury caused by a drug that has been improperly manufactured or become tainted. The error may have taken place at the manufacturing facility or the pharmacy where the drug was made or bottled, during shipping, or while undergoing labeling.

Pharmaceutical Drugs with Dangerous Side Effects

This claim involves a prescribed drug that, although properly manufactured, reveals a side effect or side effects that lead to illness or injury. And it is not uncommon for a drug to be on the market for some time before a damaging side effect is discovered.

Improperly Marketed Pharmaceutical Drugs

This claim relates the damage refers to the drug’s warnings, instructions or usage/dosage recommendations. Injuries may result from a failure to provide adequate or accurate warnings regarding a dangerous side effect, or a failure to provide thorough instructions regarding the safe and appropriate use of the drug.

Speak with a Johnstown Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

Suffering injury due to a dangerous drug could have significant consequences. Not only could you sustain a serious physical injury, but you may also incur expensive medical costs for treatment.

For help with recovering damages caused by a dangerous drug, reach out to a Johnstown dangerous drugs lawyer today. Schedule a consultation today for a free case review.

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