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Johnstown Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

An increasing number of people choose to walk or jog Johnstown roads and trails. The increase in foot traffic has coincided with an increase in pedestrian and vehicle accidents, which can be nasty for pedestrians. Since cars weigh at least several thousand pounds, pedestrian personal injuries can be substantial.

A Johnstown pedestrian accident lawyer could help you or somebody you love seek compensation if you were involved in a pedestrian accident. An accident can bring normal life to a grinding halt. An attorney could appreciate the challenges ahead of you and strategize about the most beneficial course of action to help you get back on track.

What are the Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

Many pedestrian-vehicle accidents occur when one or more parties are under the influence of alcohol. Also, more pedestrian accidents occur at night when there is less visibility for both drivers and people on foot.

Many drivers fail to give pedestrians the right of way they are entitled to by law. Failing to yield to a pedestrian might occur when a signal indicates to a pedestrian to cross, and, for example, a driver fails to notice the pedestrian while making a right at a red light.

Other times, drivers will stop for a pedestrian crossing, but vehicles behind them will attempt to go around the stopped car and strike the pedestrian. In addition, aggressive or reckless driving and speeding can lead to pedestrian accidents. If, for example, drivers fail to stop at stop signs or traffic signals, a pedestrian crossing the road may be struck. For more information, reach out to a Johnstown pedestrian accident lawyer today.

What Damages Could a Person Recover in a Pedestrian Injury Case?

There are a wide variety of damages that plaintiffs may avail themselves of, depending on case circumstances. Injuries in pedestrian accidents are often substantial, leaving the victim with a heap of medical expenses, time away from work, time away from work, and emotional trauma.

Physical and Emotional Damages

The plaintiff may recover past and future medical bills. Future medical expenses come into play when they are reasonably likely to occur.

The plaintiff can also seek recovery for disfigurement, physical impairment, and the loss of enjoyment of life. Relatedly, if a plaintiff can show that they suffer from an increased risk of future health issues, they can recover additional damages for that possibility.

A Johnstown pedestrian accident plaintiff can seek damages for physical pain and mental suffering, both that which has already transpired and that to come.

Financial Damages

On the financial side, a plaintiff can seek lost income from the time of injury through trial. They may also ask for future lost earnings and diminished earning capacity. These losses require proof of the plaintiff’s earnings before the accident and evidence of what the plaintiff’s earning capacity would have been without the defendant’s interference.

Finally, punitive damages may be available in instances of extreme misconduct. Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant for wrongful conduct and deter future transgressions.

Consult a Johnstown Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

Though roadway users try to exercise the utmost caution, they sometimes fail to. When a negligent motorist injures you or a loved one, the ramifications can be far-reaching. They can leave you wondering where to turn and who can help.

Legal counsel could aid you and your family as you move forward from the upheaval of an accident. Consulting an attorney may give you with the guidance you need to make a clear-headed decision about pursuing legal options. Call a Johnstown pedestrian accident lawyer today to get started on your case.

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