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Parents and guardians understand that children are uniquely vulnerable to accidents or injuries. They can face new experiences and situations nearly every day, and many of them are full of fun and excitement. Unfortunately, they may also be unsafe or dangerous.

Under Colorado’s personal injury law, pursuing a legal claim following your child’s accident means understanding a complex landscape of statutes that guide liability and limits relating to filing timelines and compensatory damages. An attorney experienced in personal injury law with a focus on children may be able to help. Speak with a Johnstown child injury lawyer to learn more about your options for recovery.

How Often do Children Suffer Injuries in Playgrounds in Johnstown?

Hospital ERs treat more than 200,00 children for playground-related injuries. Bear in mind that some accidents and injuries that occur on school district property or on private property trespassed by a child come with distinct liability implications.

Determining liability entails identifying the responsible party or parties. These may include the owners of the property where the playground is located, the playground equipment manufacturer, or the company that constructed the equipment.

The level of playground supervision required depends on various factors, including the ages of the children and the level of risk associated with the playground activity. Failure to reasonably ensure a child’s safety can result in a negligence claim if a child is injured as a result of inadequate supervision.

Navigating a Personal Injury Legal Claim

To help ensure a successful legal claim for compensation following a child-involved accident or injury, plaintiffs should make sure to do the following:

  • Photograph and/or document what happened as soon as possible. This includes images of relevant property or equipment
  • Seek medical attention for the child, and secure copies of all related medical records
  • Do not speak with anyone representing the property or equipment company, including their insurance person
  • Do consult with an attorney experienced in child accidents and personal injury law

To navigate a child injury claim in an efficient manner, it is wise to retain the assistance of a Johnstown attorney. With a lawyer at one’s side, victims may be able to recover the compensation they are justly entitled to.

How Could Comparative Negligence Impact a Claim?

Colorado also follows a comparative negligence rule which adjusts the claimant’s amount of compensation based on how responsible they were for the accident. If a claimant is found to be 30 percent responsible for an accident, their stated damages will be reduced by 30 percent. However, if a claimant is found to be more than 50% at fault for their accident, the likelihood of recovering compensation for damages drastically decreases.

Seeking Legal Help for a Child Injury Claim

When your child sustains an injury due to the negligence of another person, you should take it upon yourself to bring legal action against the party at-fault. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to do just that.

To get started on a case, or to learn more about how to navigate the process of filing a claim, be sure to reach out to a Johnstown child injury lawyer today.

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