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Neglect and abuse occurs far too often in nursing homes throughout the state. These assisted living situations require high levels of patient care when dealing with vulnerable populations such as the elderly. Many patients are subject to physical, emotional, or even sexual abuse during their time under medical care. A personal injury lawsuit may result in significant financial compensation for the injured patient and your family.

If you or a nursing home resident has suffered nursing home abuse, an experienced Lakewood nursing home abuse lawyer is prepared to fight for you.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse or neglect can take many forms. Each is serious, and may lead to long-term complications or even death for a nursing home resident. Every case of elder abuse or neglect should be taken seriously in order to prevent its continuation. Understanding the potential types of abuse can help prevent it in the future.

  • Bedsores, pressure sores, or skin infections
  • Malnutrition: either undernutrition or overnutrition
  • Falls while living in the nursing home
  • Broken bones, dislocations, sprains
  • Emotional abuse, psychological harm
  • Sexual abuse: rape, indecent contact, exposure

These physical abuses by nursing home staff can lead to devastating consequences for the health of the patient and have major impacts on their families. With the help of an attorney experienced in nursing home abuse cases, families and patients can fight for the financial compensation they deserve.

What is Financial Exploitation?

Besides the multitude of ways in which a nursing home can abuse a patient physically, another very common method of abuse is through financial exploitation of patients. This type of abuse can occur through access to bank accounts, changing of wills, overbilling of healthcare costs, and much more.

Another common way patients are financially exploited is through the use of “gifts” bought for nursing home staff who may be taking advantage of the situation. This is especially true when a nursing home patient is in cognitive decline, and may not be able to understand they are being exploited.

Theories of Liability in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

A personal injury lawsuit, or a medical malpractice case, can potentially hold a liable nursing home responsible for the injuries they caused. Several legal theories may apply, depending on the unique facts of the case. These may include:

  • Negligent hiring or training of staff
  • Failure to monitor or supervise patients and staff
  • Failure to follow health and safety standards
  • Medical malpractice in care of patients
  • False imprisonment
  • Sexual abuse or assault
  • Failure to provide water, food, and other necessities
  • Theft, conversion, or other financial exploitation

Different theories will apply to different cases. A skilled lawyer will be able to properly apply the correct theory to the case in order to maximize the potential for financial compensation.

What Financial Compensation is Available in Nursing Home Abuse Cases?

Compensation in nursing home abuse and neglect cases comes in many forms, and can be complicated to win without competent legal counsel to help. Proving evidence of medical bills, property damage, lost income, pain and suffering, and more requires years of practice. Damages related to financial exploitation, health care billing, and physical neglect require medical evidence and often the testimony of trained experts.

Insurance companies will also attempt to reduce the amount they have to pay out. They will argue that no negligence occurred, or try to lowball a settlement offer to the injured patient and their family.

Consult a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Lakewood

With the help of an experienced Lakewood nursing home abuse lawyer, you and your loved one can seek the financial compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation of your case.

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