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Medication Errors in Lakewood Nursing Homes

When you send a family member to a nursing home, it is usually because your elderly loved one unable to provide for their own needs. You believe having trained staff available to provide for a resident’s unique range of medical needs will be beneficial. However, medication errors in Lakewood nursing homes frequently occur and have devastating consequences.

A seasoned nursing home abuse attorney is prepared to represent your elderly loved one and fight to hold the facility and its staff accountable. When you believe a nursing home resident is experiencing abuse or neglect, it is best to speak to an attorney as soon as possible to discuss options to protect your loved one’s rights and safety.

Common Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Many nursing home residents suffer from ailments that require medication in the proper doses at regular intervals. Unfortunately, nursing homes are often understaffed, leading to nurses and doctors failing to keep up with their residents’ needs. Though minor errors are common and to be expected, more significant failures may constitute grounds for legal action.

In some cases, staff members may withhold medications or fail to keep up with the required dosage intervals. In others, staff may intentionally administer too much medication to render a resident immobile. Over-medicated residents may appear to have fewer needs as they cannot effectively communicate them to staff. A staff member may also incorrectly administer medication or do so at the wrong intervals.

Whenever nursing home staff fails to provide prescribed medication to its residents, it puts those residents at risk of suffering severe harm. An experienced Lakewood attorney could help a family determine if their loved one in a nursing home suffered because of a medication error.

How a Lawyer Could Prove a Nursing Home is Liable

Most successful injury cases require proving that another party was in some way negligent. Negligence means someone breached a standard legal duty of care they owe to someone else. In the case of nursing homes, staff members have a duty to provide effective care and medical attention to their residents. What constitutes effective care and attention may depend on the individual resident’s needs and relative health. Courts also use medical expert testimony and federal and state regulations to determine what a nursing home could be legally liable for.

A potential plaintiff has the burden of proving to the court that the nursing home acted negligently, resulting in direct harm to a resident. Evidence that a diligent attorney could use to support this claim includes the following:

  • Medical records
  • Employee worksheets
  • Employment files and verification pages
  • Clock-in and clock-out cards, verification pages for the employees
  • Prior complaints or lawsuits against the medical facility

It may be challenging for a family to prove that a medication error harmed their loved one in a Lakewood nursing home. A seasoned attorney could use their resources and experience to collect evidence demonstrating that a medication error occurred because a staff member failed to abide by their standard duty of care.

A Lakewood Attorney Could Hold Nursing Homes Liable For Medication Errors

Nursing home residents are vulnerable to neglect and abuse, and family members should pay attention to any signs that a facility is mistreating or failing to care for residents. Medication errors in Lakewood nursing homes should not happen. When they do, it is essential to contact a seasoned attorney who understands nursing home regulations and how to hold these facilities accountable.

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