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Falls in Lakewood Nursing Homes

Falls occur in nursing homes every day and for various reasons. In a great many of these cases, the reason is negligence on the part of nursing home staff and medical personnel. Many falls are entirely preventable when proper patient observation, supervision, and care occurs. If your loved one fell in a nursing home as the result of staff negligence, neglect, or abuse, your loved one may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

Falls in Lakewood nursing homes can be the fault of neglectful staff. When it is, an experienced nursing home abuse attorney can fight for the compensation your loved one deserves.

Common Causes of Falls in Nursing Homes

Falls are very common in nursing homes. Sometimes they are no one’s fault, and are legitimate and unavoidable accidents. However, all too often the fall occurs because a healthcare worker in the nursing home was negligent. Falls can occur due to:

  • Muscle weakness and gait problems in nursing home resident
  • Environmental hazards such as wet floors, tripping hazards, incorrect bed heights, and more
  • Medication-related dizziness, confusion, or effects on cognitive ability
  • Improper supervision of patients with difficulty walking
  • Improper use of safety equipment designed for patient transport, transfer, or to prevent falling out of bed

No matter the reason for the fall, when the negligence or intentional abuse of a nursing home staff member is the cause, a personal injury lawsuit may result in significant financial compensation for the elderly patient and possibly their family members as well.

Examples of Negligence in Nursing Home Falls

Not all falls are due to nursing home negligence, but a great many are. A competent attorney can help a patient’s family determine what cases are caused by negligence. Examples of negligence an attorney will look for include:

  • Failure by staff to evaluate a patient’s ability to walk
  • Failure to provide assistance for patients with mobility problems
  • Hiring of unqualified or untrained staff
  • Failure of supervision of patients and staff members
  • Intentional neglect or abuse
  • Failure to follow or update patient care plans
  • Improper use of procedure to ensure patients do not fall

Many other situations may result in falls that are the result of negligence. These are only a few examples. When negligence or intentional abuse is the cause of a patient’s fall, financial compensation may be available.

Patient Injuries Caused by Falls

A fall in a nursing home can cause serious injuries or even death. The high costs of medical treatment, the pain and suffering endured by the patient, and the loss of quality time with loved ones can quickly pile up. Broken bones and sprains are extremely common among fall victims, and can range from minor to incredibly severe. Left untreated, the injuries can become worse, leading to major infection, pain, and permanent disability.

For many patients who fall, they may suffer head injuries as well. When a patient hits their head during a fall, it can lead to concussions, brain bleeding, skull fractures, and death. Head injuries are expensive to treat, and lack of proper treatment can result in severe brain damage and loss of both cognitive and physical functionality.

Schedule a Consultation with a Nursing Home Fall Attorney

Falls in Lakewood nursing homes can cause serious injuries, high medical bills, and loss of valuable time with elderly loved ones. With the help of an experienced Lakewood nursing home fall lawyer, you can seek financial compensation for your loved one. Contact us today for a consultation.

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