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Bedsores in Lakewood Nursing Homes

Bedsores often occur as result of nursing home abuse or neglect. They may also be grounds for a personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuit when the negligence of nursing home staff is to blame for the bedsores. These injuries are often result of the inattention or downright abuse of nursing home patients and can cause more serious skin issues, infections, and life-threatening injuries.

If a loved one has experienced bedsores in Lakewood nursing homes, they may be entitled to significant financial compensation. An experienced attorney can help fight for your rights.

How Bedsores Occur

Bedsores are typically caused by frequent or constant contact with the bed, a wheelchair, or other surface a patient rarely leaves. They tend to happen in areas where the bone and skin are in close contact, such as the back, elbow, heels, ankles, and hips. A sedentary lifestyle, where a patient spends much of their time laying down or sitting, is a major cause of bedsores.

Nursing home abuse often leads to bedsores. When patients are neglected, they are often left unturned with no attention paid to their care. Leaving patients sedentary for long periods of time can lead to serious skin conditions, pain, and a great deal of suffering.

How Nursing Homes Can Prevent Bedsores

With proper care, most bedsores can be prevented. A patient who consistently develops bedsores or develops very serious bedsores could be the subject of abuse and neglect. Certain techniques that are within standard medical care and training can help reduce or eliminate the potential for bedsores.

Regular Change of Positions

People that are unable to move themselves should have their position changed every fifteen minutes or so. This requires medical staff to come in and do this for a patient who is unable to do this for themselves. Even patients who technically can move on their own may not be cognitively able to make that choice for themselves, and will need help.

Prevent Malnutrition

Malnutrition may lead to bedsores and other skin conditions. Lack of vitamins, protein, or even total calories can greatly increase the potential for bedsores. Eating plans should reflect the specific needs of the patient to prevent symptoms of malnutrition, including bedsores.

Daily Inspections of Patient’s Skin

Especially for patients who are unable to move, a daily inspection of the skin is crucial to preventing bedsores. Patients with prior skin conditions, bedsores, wounds, and bandages are prone to bedsores.

Bedsores and Medical Complications

When left untreated and undiscovered as the result of abuse or neglect, bedsores can lead to serious and even life-threatening complications. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Sepsis: Sepsis occurs when a serious infection gets into the bloodstream through an open bedsore. Sepsis can spread quickly, and is very often fatal.
  • Cellulitis: This inflammation of the connective tissues can lead to meningitis, which may affect the spinal cord and brain.
  • Cancer: Chronic sores can lead to squamous cell carcinoma, a cancer that requires surgery and may be fatal.
  • Bone or Joint Infections: Bacteria from bedsores can infiltrate the bones and joints, causing extreme pain, damage to tissue, and destroy motor function.

These medical complications are just some of the possible consequences of untreated bedsores caused by negligence or abuse. An experienced nursing home personal injury lawyer can help patients and families get the compensation they deserve.

Contact a Bedsore Attorney in Lakewood

If a loved one has experienced bedsores in Lakewood nursing homes, they and their family may be entitled to financial compensation through a personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuit. An experienced Lakewood bedsore lawyer can fight for your rights and the rights of your loved one. Contact us today for a consultation.

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