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Lakewood Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

Experienced rollover vehicle accident attorney will examine all possible causes of the crash. Those causes can include, but are not limited to, maintenance of the commercial vehicle, excessive speed of the commercial vehicle, alcohol used by the commercial vehicle driver, poor tire maintenance or tire blowouts, brake failure, inadequate safety systems or warning devices, failure to yield at right of way, tailgating or unsafe road conditions.

If you were injured in a rollover truck crash, seek help from an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Reach out to a Lakewood rollover truck accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Common Causes Of Rollover Accident In Lakewood

Rollover accidents are frequently associated with large commercial trucks and also sport utility vehicles, but can occur with any type of vehicle. They frequently happen because commercial vehicles have a higher center of gravity, and so they’re more likely to be involved in such types of accidents.

When a vehicle that has a high center of gravity turns quickly, the center of gravity shifts beyond the wheel base which causes the vehicle to roll. And, specifically, with regarding to roll, we mean that the top of the vehicle makes contact to—the roof of the vehicle makes contact with the ground as it spins over the rolls over the ground, and such rollover accidents can happen as the result of taking a turn too fast or encountering debris or uneven terrain on the road or the vehicle being forced after off the road by collision with another vehicle.

When the driver of the vehicle is unable to correct in time, the vehicle may leave the roadway at a high speed and, either due to the change to center of gravity or due to a median or guardrail, the vehicle will be caused to roll.

The Impact Of a Truck Rolling Over

Commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks are more subject to rollover accidents. Commercial vehicle, such as SUV’s, are more subject to rollover accidents because of their higher center of gravity even without a load, but when a load is added to the top of the vehicle and there is more weight at the top of the trailer, then that increases the likelihood of a rollover accident due to that high center of gravity.

While any vehicle can be involved in a rollover, the likelihood of a rollover is increased when they have a vehicle with a higher center of gravity in a more narrow wheelbase. As the vehicle that comes in contact with the rollover vehicle is pushed from the roadway or pushed into another vehicle, injuries can occur as a result of the vehicle rolling over.

Schedule a Consultation With a Lakewood Rollover Accident Attorney

An experienced attorney will know how to examine each of these possible contributors to the accident and will include all of these possible causes in a thorough examination of the accident.

Further, an experienced rollover accident attorney will examine your losses including medical expenses, lost wages, future earnings, future medical care, pain and suffering, grief and mental suffering, loss of quality of life and other possible damage and help you seek compensation. Call today to learn more about how a Lakewood rollover accident lawyer.

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