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Trauma to your back or neck can cause complex, severe injuries. Some people with these injuries experience disabling effects that can lead to permanent damage. You might need to take time away from your job as you focus on your physical recovery. Your pain and disability might even prevent you from working again. Sadly, your injury could impact your mobility and ability to participate in your daily activities. You might need to use a wheelchair or rely on the assistance of others to get through your days.

When you experience such a serious injury, it is critical that you work with a skilled Loveland neck and back injury lawyer. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney could fight for your right to get compensation for what you have gone through.

Types of Accidents That Can Cause Neck and Back Damage

People experience debilitating neck or back injuries in many different types of accidents. Sometimes, the accident can seem relatively minor, but the resulting neck or back trauma can be severe.

Some of the most common ways people suffer back and neck trauma are:

A Loveland lawyer could use their knowledge and resources to carefully investigate the incident that led to the neck or back injury to pinpoint who caused it.

Frequently Occurring Back and Neck Injuries

Injuries to the back and neck are complicated because they can vary considerably. Sometimes, the full extent of damage is not apparent for a long time after an accident. Getting a full medical evaluation after any accident or trauma is critical because doctors can diagnose and treat hidden injuries. A medical professional could also connect a patient’s injuries to the accident, and the injured party could later use that medical report as evidence of liability in a lawsuit.

Spinal Injuries

The most catastrophic type of neck and pain injuries involve trauma to a patient’s spinal cord. People with spinal cord damage can experience paralysis.

Disk Injuries

Herniated, bulging, or protruding disc injuries can occur even in relatively minor accidents. They can cause intense pain and often require medical attention.

Sprains and Strains

Back strains and sprains can result in pain and leave a patient facing a lengthy period of bed rest and recuperation.


Whiplash occurs when a person’s head moves back and forth suddenly, resulting in neck pain. While whiplash might seem relatively minor, it can result in chronic pain and lead to a limited range of motion.

An experienced lawyer in Loveland could work with medical experts to learn the full extent of a patient’s neck and back injuries and how they could potentially impact the patient’s quality of life in the future. They could work tirelessly to maximize the patient’s financial recovery.

Speak With a Loveland Neck and Back Injury Attorney

Back and neck injuries can also lead to unexpected medical costs and other expenses that can drastically affect your life. When someone else caused your pain and injuries through their negligent behavior, you could collect compensation.

Contact a trusted Loveland neck and back injury lawyer today who knows how to build a compelling claim.

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