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While you probably never think about it, everyone relies heavily on their knees. An injury to your knee can have a huge impact on your life because it can affect your mobility and cause debilitating pain. Knee injuries can also cause people to miss work, resulting in lost wages and unpaid bills.

You might have legal grounds to pursue a lawsuit against the wrongdoer for compensation with help from an experienced catastrophic injury attorney when you sustain a knee injury because of someone else’s reckless, careless, or wrongful actions. A dedicated Loveland knee injury lawyer could help you review your legal options for recovering financial damages.

How Knee Injuries Can Occur

Some knee problems develop through degenerative changes as a person ages. While unfortunate, there is usually no means of legal recourse in those circumstances. Knee injuries can also occur in one specific event, such as from blunt trauma to the leg, walking on an unstable surface, or doing something that twists the leg unnaturally. Knee injuries can develop over time through repetitive stress, such as when a person repeatedly bends all day at their job. When someone’s actions injure another person’s knee, that person or entity could be legally responsible.

Some of the most common reasons for knee injuries that result in personal injury suits are as follows:

A Loveland knee injury lawyer could investigate the circumstances of an accident to learn why and how it occurred. They could skillfully review police reports, medical records, eyewitness accounts, and other relevant evidence to identify the person who bears potential civil liability.

Different Kinds of Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are unfortunately common. Because the knee is a complex joint with several different parts, it is more susceptible to injury than many other body parts. Different types of incidents can lead to sprains, fractures, dislocation, ACL, MCL, or PCL tears, meniscal tears, and bursitis.

Many people wait to see if their knee pain will get better on its own after experiencing symptoms. Although rest can help in some cases, most people benefit from medical treatment, which could include physical therapy, at-home exercises, and surgery. Some knee injuries also worsen over time, and many patients feel the impact of their knee injury well into the future.

An experienced knee injury lawyer in Loveland could meet with a patient to learn how their knee injury has impacted them. They could also consult with the patient’s medical team to learn about the their treatment plan and any future anticipated medical costs from procedures and treatment.

Contact a Knee Injury Attorney in Loveland

Knee injuries can be very painful and debilitating. When someone else caused your knee pain, they should take on the responsibility for the cost of your losses. Contact a Loveland knee injury lawyer for a consultation to learn whether you have a valid legal claim. Our team could investigate your accident and fight for your rights.

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