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Contrary to popular belief, most motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers, not the bikers themselves. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle wreck caused by a reckless driver, consider reaching out to a Thornton motorcycle accident lawyer for a confidential consultation. A skilled accident attorney can help you pursue necessary compensation following your accident. En Español.

What are the Different Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcyclists are some of the safest motorists on the road. Hyper-aware of the size difference between their vehicle and the larger trucks and cars around them, bikers work hard to ride defensively and safely. Unfortunately, their small size puts them at a real disadvantage when reckless, lazy or negligent drivers are nearby.

Motorcycles frequently get overlooked by drivers scanning their rearview mirrors for cars, SUVs and tractor trailers. Too often, this results in the car changing lanes into the path of the motorcycle and causing a crash.

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents are cars following too closely to bikers. When a motorcycle comes to a stop to give pedestrians the right of way in a crosswalk or to avoid running a red light, the car behind them can struggle to stop in time. Rear-ending a car might only result in a fender bender, but when a vehicle rear-ends a motorcycle, the results can be deadly for the biker. Slippery roads and drunk drivers also frequently cause dangerous motorcycle accidents.

Which Injuries Are Commonly Associated with Motorcycle Crashes?

Injuries sustained in motorcycle crashes have the potential to affect the victim for the rest of their lives. Head injuries are incredibly common in motorcycle accident victims. Even with a helmet, the biker’s head is in extreme danger during a crash. The brain is the heaviest organ in the human body, and even when the skull does not become cracked in the accident, the impact of the brain hitting the skull can do long-lasting damage.

Road rash is perhaps the most commonly known motorcycle crash injury. Any time a biker’s skin comes in contact with the road during a collision, they are likely to sustain heavy damage.

Not just your average cut or scrape, road rash has the potential to cause nerve damage and other forms of permanent damage. Though clothing can help prevent road rash, the pavement can scrape away even the toughest layers of leather. Muscle damage, leg injuries and nerve damage to the arms is also common in motorcycle accident victims.

Potential Damages

In accidents caused by another motorist’s reckless driving, motorcycle accident victims may be entitled to compensation. A Thornton motorcycle accident attorney can help victims pursue the following types of damages:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

While no amount of money can take away from the pain a victim endures in a motorcycle crash, compensation can ensure they have everything they need to recuperate – and a financial safety net if they cannot do so fully.

How a Thornton Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Though the insurance company may offer an initial claim for your accident, chances are good that they will try to lowball their offer. Some companies even draw out the claim process, hoping the victim will be so eager for compensation that they take the first offer available. Let a Thornton motorcycle accident lawyer help you obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. Call today to set up a confidential consultation.

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