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Thornton Motorcycle Traffic Laws

For the most part, state law governs riding a motorcycle on public roads the same way as it does driving a car. Regardless of the motor vehicle, you drive, you are expected to understand right-of-way laws, obey traffic signals and road markings, and stay within posted speed limits. However, there are a few unique rules applicable specifically to motorcycles that are important for all drivers to be aware of.

Knowing Thornton motorcycle traffic laws can be crucial in ensuring your safety and protecting your rights to file suit if someone else’s negligence caused your collision. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney could offer further clarification about these rules and, if necessary, help you pursue fair financial recovery from those responsible.

Driving Around Other Vehicles

As it is in many other states, “lane splitting” is illegal for local motorcycle riders.  In addition to being prohibited from passing other motor vehicles while riding between lanes, motorcyclists are also not allowed to pass motor vehicles while occupying the same traffic lane as the vehicle being passed. It is important to note that motorcyclists can legally ride two abreast of each other within the same traffic lane, since they each have a right to the same amount of space in a traffic lane as a full-sized motor vehicle.

It is unlawful for motorcycle operators or passengers to physically hold onto another vehicle or attach their motorcycle to another vehicle in any way so that they are towed behind it. Finally, motorcyclists can only ride on road shoulders if the traffic around them is at a complete standstill, and they must immediately move back into a designated traffic lane once other vehicles begin to move. An attorney is familiar with motorbike traffic regulations in Thornton and can determine if any rules have been broken in a specific case.

Use of Headlights and Turn Signals

Under state law, functional turn signals are necessary for anyone operating a full-sized motor vehicle. Interestingly, though, there is no explicit requirement that motorcycles must have functioning turn signals, and the fact that a motorbike involved in a collision was not equipped with turn signals may not constitute comparative negligence in an ensuing civil claim.

As with other types of vehicles, though, motorcycles are required to have functioning headlights and taillights, and riders must use both while driving after sunset. Motorcyclists do not have to have their headlights on during daylight hours, although they are allowed to do so. A Thornton attorney has the necessary knowledge of motorcycle traffic rules to properly defend riders facing legal action.

Riding with Passengers

Anyone driving a motorcycle in Thornton with a passenger on board must obey some additional motorbike traffic regulations. The passenger must ride either behind the operator on a seat, or in an attached sidecar. It is required that additional footrests are installed for passengers and are used appropriately. While there are no age limits on how young someone riding a motorcycle can be, anyone under 18 must wear a DOT-approved helmet at all times while operating or riding a motorcycle.

Learn More About Motorcycle Traffic Laws from a Thornton Attorney

A few key points are essential to note when it comes to understanding how the law regulates local motorcycle activity. Familiarizing yourself with these factors could make a huge difference in staying safe on the road and your eligibility for compensation following an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness.

Qualified legal counsel could discuss Thornton motorcycle traffic laws in as much detail as necessary during a private consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.

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