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Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Thornton

Everyone who purchases or rides on a motorcycle should be able to expect every mechanical component within that machine to work appropriately without putting them at risk of serious harm. Unfortunately, there are examples every year of motorcycle manufacturers failing to meet this basic duty of care towards consumers, and sometimes a delay in recalling defective parts or bikes can lead to riders being severely harmed.

Motorcycle defects and recalls in Thornton do not automatically qualify as grounds for civil litigation in every situation, but a motorcycle accident caused by a defective component very much could. An experienced lawyer could review the circumstances which led to your wreck and offer guidance about what options you might have for pursuing financial recovery.

The Dangers Associated with Defective Motorcycles

While mechanical failures in any kind of motor vehicle could lead to an accident, malfunctions can be especially dangerous and even deadly when riding a motorcycle. To name just one example, a person driving a typical commuter car that loses a wheel would still have a decent chance of bringing the vehicle to a controlled stop, while a motorcycle losing a wheel will likely result in a crash at any speed.

The same goes for problems with an engine that cause unpredictable acceleration or a loss of power, and for issues with brakes that leave a motorcycle unable to slow down or stop. Even worse, riders have no protection from external impacts beside a helmet (if they chose to wear one), so even a low-speed collision could result in severe physical trauma. Put simply, any defect in a motorcycle’s design or manufacturing severe enough to warrant a recall could result in much greater harm to a rider in Thornton than any equivalent flaw would for a motor vehicle driver.

How a Recall Could Affect Civil Recovery

It is not uncommon for motorcycle manufacturers to issue recalls of individual components or entire motorcycle models based on new information about potentially dangerous defects. In the last ten years alone, both BMW and Harley-Davidson have each recalled tens of thousands of motorcycles over serious defects that had already caused injury to multiple riders.

Importantly, a recall does not retroactively protect a manufacturer from civil liability for an accident. So long as the defect existed when a motorcycle left its manufacturer’s direct control, was not altered significantly by anyone else before the motorcycle reached the consumer who bought it, and directly led to an accident causing injury to that consumer, litigation may still be possible.

But in Thornton, filing suit over an accident caused by a motorcycle defect that occurred after the manufacturer issued a recall can be a lot more complicated. In many situations, a defendant company may argue—and a court may agree—that the injured person’s failure to comply with the recall or become reasonably aware of it constitutes comparative negligence that may disqualify them from seeking compensation.

Discuss a Possible Motorcycle Defect Claim with a Thornton Attorney

Mechanical problems with motorcycles can pose serious risks to riders, passengers, and even other people nearby. Unfortunately, recovering fair compensation from a manufacturer for harm caused by this type of incident can be more challenging than you might expect, especially without support from seasoned legal counsel.

A conversation with a capable lawyer could provide much-needed clarity about your legal options related to motorcycle defects and recalls in Thornton. Schedule your private meeting by calling today.

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