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Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Thornton

Unfortunately, even motorcycle crashes at relatively low speeds can have life-threatening repercussions, as motorcycle riders are more vulnerable than motor vehicle drivers. Tragically, deadly motorcycle accidents have been on the rise across Colorado in recent years, and far too many families have been affected as a result.

Losing a family member to a motorcycle crash is an incomparably devastating experience, especially if it happens because another driver acted in a reckless or careless way. If you have questions about financial recovery following fatal motorcycle accidents in Thornton, a private conversation with a knowledgeable motorcycle wreck attorney could provide the answers you need.

What Makes Motorcycle Crashes Uniquely Deadly?

While virtually any type of motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious and possibly deadly injuries, the lack of safety features like airbags and the overall lack of protection from external impacts can make traffic collisions particularly deadly for motorcycle operators and passengers. Even if they are wearing appropriate safety gear and following every applicable traffic law, a motorcyclist could still lose their life due to negligence by another person or entity.

Reckless or careless drivers are by far the biggest danger to motorcyclists in Colorado and the biggest cause of fatal motorcycle accidents in Thornton, particularly those who drive while impaired by illicit substances, improperly managed prescription medications, or alcohol. Dangerous road conditions can be especially dangerous to motorcyclists, from potholes to broken lane dividers to missing traffic signs or signals.

In other situations, fatal motorcycle wrecks stem not from negligence by another driver or a municipal authority, but rather from a mechanical defect that a motorcycle’s manufacturer failed to properly address. Any of these situations that leads to a motorcyclist’s premature death could possibly be the basis for a civil settlement demand or lawsuit.

Recovering After a Fatal Motorcycle Wreck

The right to pursue litigation in a deceased motorcyclist’s name against the negligent party falls to different immediate family members depending on the circumstances. For the first year after a fatal motorcycle crash in Thornton, authority to file a wrongful death claim lies solely with the decedent’s surviving spouse if they were married, with their children or designated beneficiary if they were unmarried, or with their parent(s) otherwise. After a year has passed, any of those parties may independently file suit so long as they do so within the two-year statutory filing deadline, or within the four-year deadline, if applicable, for cases involving hit-and-run vehicular homicide.

Recoverable damages after a fatal motorcycle wreck may include lost future financial support and benefits, costs of funeral and burial services, emotional pain and grief, lost companionship, and psychological trauma. As a legal representative could explain in more detail, caps may apply under state law on recovery for “non-economic” forms of harm.

Contact a Thornton Attorney for Help After a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

If you lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash caused by a negligent party, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim on their behalf. However, these cases work differently from other motorcycle crash claims, and guidance from a capable legal professional can be vital to achieving a positive outcome.

A settlement demand or lawsuit based on a fatal motorcycle accident in Thornton could have higher chances of success with help from a qualified lawyer. Call today to get started.

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