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Bike riding is becoming an increasingly popular activity in the Colorado Springs area. It is a great form of exercise and can help you stay in shape. Riding a bicycle is also a good way to experience nature and a more economical and environmentally friendly way to get around town. However, accidents can occur when bicyclists share the road with other drivers, causing cyclists to suffer severe harm.

If you or your loved one sustained an injury in a bike crash, you might be entitled to financial compensation. A Colorado Springs bicycle accident lawyer could help you with a personal injury claim. Reach out to a skilled injury attorney today to learn more about getting the justice you deserve.

Causes of Bike Crashes in Colorado Springs

Sharing the roads with cars can be incredibly risky for bike riders. With a large population of aggressive motorists, including many tourists unfamiliar with the local roads, Colorado Springs’s roadways can be dangerous for cyclists. Careless and reckless motorists often overlook cyclists, even in situations where they regularly check for other approaching cars.

Bike crashes frequently occur when drivers do one of the following:

  • Fail to yield to cyclists at intersections
  • Turn directly in front of a cyclist who is headed straight
  • Become distracted by something other than their driving duties, such as their cell phones or passengers
  • Speed and are unable to stop in time to prevent a crash with a cyclist
  • Tailgate or overcrowd a cyclist, which could cause the cyclist to fall from their bike, sometimes into traffic
  • Switch lanes or pass another vehicle without first looking around for bikes
  • Get behind their wheels drunk or high
  • Open their parked car door without looking and hit a cyclist

A dedicated local attorney could work to investigate a bike accident and comb through available evidence to determine who bears legal liability.

Harm Suffered in Colorado Springs Bike Collisions

Bicycle riders often have little to shield them from the impact of a fast-moving vehicle. Although some bikers wear helmets, protective gear is not mandatory in Colorado. Additionally, helmets cannot protect the rest of a rider’s body, meaning bicyclists are not protected from devastating head injuries, such as concussions and other brain injuries.

Bike riders also frequently suffer broken bones can occur, as well as neck injuries ranging from temporary whiplash to paralysis. In some cases, riders might suffer from internal organ damage.

Sadly, injuries are likely if a vehicle forces the rider from their bike without striking them. For example, road rash from contact with the street can result in disfiguring scars. Unfortunately, fatalities are common in these collisions. However, regardless of whether the injuries suffered are minor or major, an experienced attorney in Colorado Springs could help by fighting to protect the rights of injured individuals.

Get in Touch with a Bike Accident Attorney in Colorado Springs Today

After a bike accident, you might face many difficult physical, financial, and emotional battles. Therefore, it is critical that you work with a Colorado Springs bicycle accident lawyer who is familiar with the challenges that bicyclists face.

Reach out to an experienced legal team with a history of advocating for the rights of injured bicyclists. A seasoned legal team could fight hard to make things right for you and your family. Call today.

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