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Taking a dangerous drug can be detrimental to your health and may cause a long-lasting impact on your personal, emotional, and financial health. When you are hurt by the effects of a dangerous drug, a skilled injury attorney could help you hold the negligent manufacturer or retailer accountable for their wrongdoing.

For example, a Colorado Springs dangerous drugs lawyer could review the facts and details of your and work vigorously on your behalf to seek total and fair compensation for your injuries.

What Does it Mean to Bring a Claim for a Dangerous Drug?

Dangerous drug claims can arise from a wide range of circumstances. For example, sometimes an injury will occur when a drug has a fundamental flaw that renders it toxic or dangerous for consumers. These flaws can arise at any point during the drug development process, from the beginning stages of formulation to manufacturing and marketing the drug.

A dangerous drug only poses hazards to specific groups of patients, like those on a particular type of medication that creates adverse reactions when combined with the drug. Likewise, the drug in question may present a generally toxic profile that results in danger to a broad group of consumers. In other cases, a fundamental flaw that causes a drug to be hazardous may involve labeling information that does not adequately inform consumers of its potential side effects and risks.

There may also be occasions where a physician is aware of the side effects associated with a particular medication but does not sufficiently advise the patient about the potential outcomes. In these situations, the patient’s injuries could give rise to a dangerous drug claim. Drug companies must ensure that their products are safe for consumers and that all known side effects and potential contraindications are clearly spelled out.

Therefore, when a drug company, or another party in the chain of distribution, such as the manufacturer or medical professional, fails in their duty of care to the patient resulting in a hazardous drug injury, it is crucial to contact a hardworking Colorado Springs attorney. A legal representative could fully assess whether the circumstances of the case support legal action.

Injuries and Damages in Dangerous Drug Claims

While some dangerous drug injuries may be short-lived and be followed by a relatively brief recovery, others can stay with the individual for months, years, or in some cases, for life. The consequences of taking a dangerous drug can range from injuries to crucial organs like the liver and kidneys to even more severe outcomes such as heart attacks or even cancer.

When someone uses a medication as intended and as directed and suffers an injury arising from a hazardous medication, a Colorado Springs attorney could work diligently to help the victim obtain compensation from any individual or entity who might be liable. Compensation in dangerous drug claims can range from payment for medical bills and lost wages to future, inestimable financial damages such as loss of life enjoyment, pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

According to Colorado Revised Statutes 13-80-106, most legal claims pertaining to product liability issues must be brought forth within two years from the date the individual was injured. As such, it is essential for anyone who believes they were injured by a dangerous drug to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that any potential course of legal action is pursued promptly and effectively.

Speak With a Dangerous Drugs Attorney in Colorado Springs

The reality of dealing with a dangerous drug injury can leave you feeling concerned and uncertain about the future. A Colorado Springs dangerous drug lawyer could help you retrace the events leading up to your injuries and work to prove liability.

A lawyer could offer sound legal counsel so you could make the best decision for your health and your loved ones. Call today to set up your consultation with a legal team member at our firm.

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