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Witnessing your aging loved one suffer from nursing home abuse can be excruciatingly painful, especially when you trust an assisted living facility to provide a safe environment. When you suspect abuse or neglect, acting quickly and evaluating all available legal strategies is important.

A Colorado Springs nursing home abuse lawyer can aggressively pursue legal action against liable parties. Additionally, a determined injury attorney could provide clarity on relevant laws that apply to your case.

Common Warnings Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Indicators of nursing home abuse can take various forms. In these cases, one or more parties may be legally liable, such as nursing home staff, the company that owns the nursing home, or another resident.

Often, assisted living facility abuse manifests in physical symptoms, including malnutrition, sudden weight loss, poor hygiene, mysterious sprains or broken bones, lacerations, or even contusions on the skin. In other cases, nurse home abuse may manifest in an emotional response, such as mental withdrawal, paranoia, fear, or anxiety, or even cause the resident to start taking on strange or uncharacteristic personal habits.

Environmental factors, like dirty bedding that remains uncleaned and unchanged, the sudden disappearance of personal belongings, or simply neglect and isolation from residents or staff, could all be signs that an abusive situation is at hand. When you recognize these signs of abuse in your loved one’s nursing facility, it may be time to speak with a Colorado Springs attorney.

Timeline to Start a Nursing Home Abuse Case

As with other personal injury claims, Colorado law provides a specific deadline for pursuing financial compensation for nursing home abuse injuries. According to Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-80-102, the statute of limitations for personal injury matters is two years from the date the victim sustains the injury.

Furthermore, under C.R.S. § 13-80-102.5, injuries sustained from the negligence of a medical provider have a filing deadline of two years from the date of the injury or when the harm was discovered. Unfortunately, injured plaintiffs waive their ability to seek compensation if more than three years have passed since the injury stemming from the assisted living facility’s negligence occurred.

Several caveats may extend the statute of limitations. A hardworking attorney in Colorado Springs could review the factors of a potential nursing home abuse claim to determine the appropriate filing deadline and whether any anomalies might justify an extension.

Recoverable Damages in a Nursing Home Neglect Case

A diligent Colorado Springs lawyer could seek several sources of compensation for damages sustained by nursing home abuse victims. These payments could take the form of economic damages, non-economic damages, or even punitive damages.

Economic damages include expenses arising from the individual’s injuries, like hospital bills, therapy costs, or other verifiable financial losses. On the other hand, non-economic damages account for the victim’s losses that do not have a fixed monetary value, such as emotional trauma. Sometimes, the court will reward an injured person with punitive damages when a nursing facility exhibits extreme or gross negligence.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Colorado Springs Without Delay

A Colorado Springs nursing home abuse lawyer could offer tailored guidance when you believe a relative or other loved one is suffering injuries at the hands of a caregiver. If the facts of your case justify legal action, an attorney could gather evidence on your behalf and build a comprehensive claim.

A legal representative could ensure all the proper steps are taken to pursue the most favorable outcome and all compensation available. Call now to schedule a legal consultation.

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