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Walking through a parking lot should not be a dangerous activity, nor should crossing a road or traveling on a sidewalk. Unfortunately, however, pedestrians occasionally suffer life-altering or fatal injuries when struck by motor vehicles driven by careless or reckless motorists.

If an automobile hit you or your loved one, contact a Colorado Springs pedestrian accident lawyer. A dedicated injury representative could review your case and help you pursue justice for your losses in a civil personal injury claim. If successful, a compensation award could help you pay your medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

Reasons Why Cars Strike Walkers in Colorado Springs

Driver error is the most common cause of pedestrian accidents in Colorado Springs. Drivers have a legal responsibility to protect other people on the road. That duty extends to people on foot. Therefore, motorists must always be aware of their surroundings when they are behind the wheel of a car.

Typically, after accidents involving people on foot, drivers report that they did not see the person. The fact that pedestrians are harder to spot than other vehicles is no excuse for a motorist’s recklessness or negligence. Instead, vehicle operators should check around them for walkers or joggers, particularly before entering intersections with crosswalks or reversing out of a parking spot. If drivers are distracted by other things, such as their texts, it is their fault that they failed to spot a person crossing the road. Similarly, if a motorist is drunk, they lack awareness of their surroundings.

A diligent team of attorneys could help an injured pedestrian and their family find justice by determining how a crash occurred.

Can an Injured Pedestrian Share Blame for a Collision?

Sometimes, a pedestrian’s careless actions contribute to an accident. Some instances where a person on foot might share responsibility for a crash include:

  • When children dart into the road after a ball or toy
  • When people jaywalk or cross the street outside of an available crosswalk,
  • When walkers are distracted by their cellphones or even headphones and do not hear an approaching vehicle
  • When people choose to walk along the side or in the middle of a road instead of on an available sidewalk
  • When people cross an unlit road, especially while wearing dark clothing

Colorado law allows injured pedestrians to sue motorists even if the injured person shares fault for the accident that caused their injuries. According to the state’s modified comparative fault rule, if an injured pedestrian is less responsible than the driver, the injured pedestrian can collect damages. However, the court might reduce the pedestrian’s damages award by their percentage of blame for causing the collision.

Comparative fault laws can be confusing. However, speaking with an informed attorney in Colorado Springs could give a pedestrian and their family a better idea of if they have a viable claim after a crash.

Let a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Colorado Springs Fight for You

Drivers must be vigilant and respect the rights of everyone on the road, including people on foot. Unfortunately, sometimes, irresponsible motorists overlook people on foot. Sadly, because pedestrians have no physical protection against the weight of a car, their injuries are usually catastrophic and can be fatal.

If you or a loved one were hit by a moving vehicle, you deserve help. Let a Colorado Springs pedestrian accident lawyer assist you. A legal team member could fight hard to get you the relief and the respect you deserve. Call today.

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