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Workers’ compensation insurance policies are supposed to provide you with benefits following a work-related illness or injury. In many cases, you will rely on these benefits to pay your bills and get the medical care you need to recover.

Sadly, your workers’ compensation insurance claim may be denied, preventing you from obtaining the financial compensation you need. Understanding the reasons for these denials and the legal basis for these steps is crucial to protecting your rights. A Colorado Springs workers’ compensation denial lawyer could explore the reasons behind your denial of benefits, evaluate your options, and help protect your future.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Workers’ compensation insurance is a way for employees to collect benefits after a workplace illness or injury. Therefore, many cases revolve around whether a claimant’s current condition resulted from their job duties.

According to Colorado Revised Statute § 8-40-201, an occupational injury happens when an employee is hurt within the scope of their employment. Therefore, the claimant must connect the medical condition they are seeking benefits for to their job duties.

Disputes over this connection are a common reason for denial; however, a hardworking attorney in Colorado Springs could thoroughly investigate the incident that caused an illness or injury, making the vital connection between the worker’s job duties and their medical condition.

Insurance Companies May Dispute the Facts Leading Up to an Injury or Illness

Another vital portion of any workers’ compensation insurance claim is being able to show that an injury or illness occurred in the workplace. In doing so, the claimant must prove that they cannot work or only in a limited capacity due to their condition. Nevertheless, an insurance company may not believe this incapacity was the product of one’s job requirements.

Insurance companies may argue that coverage is inappropriate because of one of the following factors:

  • The injury did not occur while the employee was on the clock
  • The injury occurred while the employee was traveling to or from the worksite
  • The injury was the result of horseplay
  • The employee was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs leading up to the event

Unfortunately, those who cannot prove this connection often receive a workers’ compensation denial. Fortunately, a knowledgeable lawyer in Colorado Springs could help draft a workers’ compensation claim for benefits and, if denied, evaluate the insurance company’s reasoning.

Speak With a Capable Workers’ Compensation Denial Attorney in Colorado Springs for Help

When seeking workers’ compensation benefits, you must prove two main concepts to prevail in your claim. First, you must prove that you are currently suffering from a medical condition that prevents you from working. Secondly, you must prove that your job duties and requirements caused your current condition. Failing to prove either of these elements is likely to result in a denial of your well-deserved benefits. That said, you need the advice and support of an experienced legal representative.

A Colorado Springs workers’ compensation denial lawyer is ready to explain the state’s workers’ compensation laws and determine why your benefits were denied. Our legal team members will then define the following steps to pursue the compensation you need to make things right. Reach out to our firm now to learn more about your workers’ compensation denial and schedule a private consultation.

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