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While most people think of machine malfunctions, collapsing structures, or other similarly dramatic scenarios when they think of workplace injuries, the reality is that most injuries happen under much more mundane circumstances. Many injuries covered by workers’ compensation stem not from a single accident but from repetitive stress your body endures over time.

Work-related injuries caused by overexertion can happen in virtually every industry. As any experienced workers’ comp attorney could tell you, they can often be the basis for a claim that reimburses you for your medical bills or lost income. Speaking with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney is crucial when you suffer a repetitive stress injury while performing your job duties. A Colorado Springs overexertion injury lawyer could help you file a claim.

How Do Overexertion Injuries Happen on the Job?

About 40 percent of the average person’s body is made up of “soft tissue”—muscles, joints, and tendons that connect various parts of the body, allowing for a full range of motion. These organic body parts wear down over time when overused or misused—for example, bending at an awkward angle or lifting something too heavy.

Unsurprisingly, unnatural movements like these are among the most common causes of overexertion injuries. These injuries also stem from other actions, including:

  • Repetitive movement, like pulling a lever or typing on a computer
  • Lifting, pulling, or pushing too much weight at once
  • Failing to stretch before high-impact physical activity
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Standing or sitting for long periods

While some overexertion injuries require no more than cold compresses or heating pads, others involve severe muscle strains, sprains, or tears that can significantly limit the injured person’s ability to move or work. When a worker overexerts themselves enough to cause a severe injury, a Colorado Springs attorney could help them file a workers’ comp claim.

What to Do Following an Overexertion Injury

After discovering an injury or physical limitation, an employee covered workers’ comp benefits should report their injury in writing to their employer. At most, prospective workers’ comp claimants typically have to provide this notice ten days after learning of a work-related injury.

Usually, the employer should then pass the claim on to their workers’ comp provider within ten days. If they do not, the prospective claimant has two or three years, with a “reasonable excuse” for the delay, to file the claim themselves with the state Division of Workers’ Compensation. In the meantime, the claimant needs to seek professional medical attention as directed by their employer, attend all doctors’ appointments and follow all their doctors’ instructions, and keep paper records of all treatment received and bills assessed. A capable lawyer can assist with collecting relevant documentation and building the strongest claim possible for an overexertion injury in Colorado Springs.

Contact a Talented Overexertion Injury Attorney in Colorado Springs for Help

Overexerting yourself at work causes debilitating injuries, not to mention financial harm when you cannot work. Fortunately, injuries caused by overexerting yourself at work should be covered by workers’ compensation, meaning you could be eligible for benefits that could keep you financially afloat while you recover.

A Colorado Springs overexertion injury lawyer could be a dependable ally and source of legal support throughout the entire claims process. Call our legal team members today to learn more or schedule a confidential consultation.

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