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Colorado Springs Permanent Disability Workers’ Compensation Claims

Anyone who suffers a workplace injury deserves to be compensated. This is especially the case for workers who are no longer able to secure employment due to their permanent disability. While workers’ compensation benefits are intended for these individuals, the claims process is not always simple.

When you have questions about Colorado Springs permanent disability workers’ compensation claims, now is the time to seek legal counsel. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney could help you understand your rights and legal options. Let a lawyer assist you with every aspect of your Colorado Springs permanent disability workers’ compensation claim.

Understanding Impairment Ratings

When someone is hurt at work, the type of benefits available to them often depend on their disability impairment ratings. After an injury, a treating physician will evaluate the extent of the disability to determine what workers’ compensation benefits might be appropriate.

These ratings are expressed in the form of a percentage. An injury rated at 0% means that the worker is perfectly healthy and without any physical disability. A rating of 100% means a body part or body system is completely impaired. Ratings can also fall in between these two numbers.

A doctor will not issue their rating right away. First, a worker will have the opportunity to address their condition through medical treatment. In time, many injuries significantly improve or heal completely. Treatment will continue until the doctor determines the injured worker has reached their maximum medical improvement or MMI.

MMI means that a worker’s condition cannot improve with further medical intervention. In other words, the worker has healed as much as they can, thanks to the efforts of their medical team.

Often, an injured worker disagrees with their rating. These ratings are important, as higher ratings will result in more benefits through the workers’ compensation system. A dedicated attorney in Colorado Springs could dispute a rating and push for fair benefits after a workplace accident resulting in a permanent disability.

Partial vs. Total Disability

Not all permanent disability claims are the same. While each of these conditions is permanent—meaning they will follow the injured worker for the rest of their life—the severity of the injury can change.

Permanent disabilities are broken down into two categories: permanent total disability and permanent partial disability. More commonly referred to as PTD and PPD, benefits for these disabilities are typically higher for total disabilities.

What is PTD?

Permanent total disability involves an injury or illness that makes it impossible and unrealistic for a person to ever perform any type of work again for the rest of their lives, whether full-time or part-time. PTD can be a high standard to meet since many disabilities allow injured employees to eventually return to the workplace in a limited fashion.

What is PPD?

Permanent partial disability is a condition that impacts a person’s ability to earn a living without completely barring them from working. This type of permanent disability could limit them to performing certain tasks or only working part-time.

Contact a Permanent Disability Workers’ Compensation Claims Attorney in Colorado Springs Today

A permanent disability is a life-altering event, not only for you but for your family, too. While a successful workers’ compensation claim cannot undo the harm you experienced, it could provide important resources that could help with your quality of life. Call an attorney to discuss a Colorado Springs permanent disability workers’ compensation claim today.

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