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Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Colorado Springs 

No one expects to suffer an injury on the job, but workplace accidents happen frequently. A work-related injury can lead to severe and life-threatening injuries. Fortunately, you may be entitled to compensation after sustaining an injury at work. Although settling a claim with your employer and their insurance company may seem like the path of least resistance, it is more challenging than it appears.

For example, employers and insurance companies sometimes try to avoid paying injured employees the full benefits they are entitled to in a workers’ compensation settlement in Colorado Springs. Fortunately, our team of employee benefits attorneys could fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve. Call our dedicated workers’ comp lawyers today to learn more.

What to Do After a Workplace Accident

After a work-related accident, it is crucial to seek medical care immediately. Prompt medical attention can prevent a severe injury from getting worse. Having documentation to support a workers’ compensation claim is vital. That said, the victim of a workplace injury should tell medical providers everything they can remember about how the incident occurred. However, if emergency medical care is unnecessary, the injured worker should document details about the incident while it is fresh.

Employees must also report the injury to their employer within four business days. The written notice should include the following:

  • The employee’s name
  • The nature of their injury
  • The circumstances of the incident

After reporting the injury, employees must file a workers’ compensation claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Workers have two years to file a claim after a workplace injury, but filing as soon as possible is wise. Employees can mail or deliver documents to:

Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation

Customer Service Unit

633 17th Street, Suite 400

Denver, CO 80202-3626

An experienced lawyer in Colorado Springs could guide injured employees when filing a claim for a workplace injury by collecting relevant evidence proving the injury was a direct cause of the employee’s job duties.

Accepting a Workers’ Compensation Settlement

The advantage of accepting a workers’ compensation settlement is that employees can obtain benefits without filing a lawsuit or dealing with legal proceedings. Closing a claim for workers’ compensation often involves reaching a settlement agreement with the employer’s insurance company. For example, the insurance company will make a settlement offer to the employee or their attorney accounting for past and present medical care and a portion of the employee’s lost wages.

Employee benefits settlements are typically offered as a lump sum or a structured payment plan in Colorado Springs. It is also important to note that employees waive their right to file a lawsuit when they accept a settlement. Therefore, discussing a proposed workers’ comp amount with an experienced attorney is vital since insurance companies may offer less than what the victim deserves. An attorney could work to calculate the value of the injured employee’s claim and ensure they receive the benefits they deserve.

Call an Attorney in Colorado Springs to Discuss Workers’ Compensation Settlements

When you suffer injuries from a workplace accident in Colorado Springs, discuss your settlement options with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney today.

Our team of attorneys has experience evaluating workers’ compensation settlements in Colorado Springs and understands the ins and outs of the system. Call today to learn how our legal team members could negotiate a fair settlement with your employer and their insurance provider.

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