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Medical Treatment After a Workplace Injury in Colorado Springs

The necessary medical treatment that comes with a workplace injury can be significant. This ongoing care might take weeks, months, or longer, leaving you unable to work while you recover. Although the workers’ compensation system in Colorado Springs should cover the cost of this treatment, it does not always work out that way.

Fortunately, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney could ensure you receive medical treatment after a workplace injury in Colorado Springs. Securing medical care is only the first step in the workers’ compensation claim process.

Seeking Medical Treatment After a Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied

The workers’ compensation system may cover those costs when a worker is hurt and requires medical care. However, not every claim is granted. There are situations where the insurance company refuses to accept a claim. When this happens, you may need to pay for their treatment.

There are different reasons why claims for medical care in Colorado Springs might be denied following a workplace incident. One common situation is when an employer alleges that an injury is not work-related. Alternatively, an injury that does not occur within the scope of employment could also result in a denial.

The good news is that appeals are possible. With the help of skilled legal counsel, you could appeal a denial and successfully secure compensation for the cost of their care.

Can I Pick My Doctor?

Most people who are granted workers’ compensation benefits do not know which doctor oversees their treatment. While you may prefer to choose their physician, the law does not always allow that.

In Colorado Springs, employers have the right to provide workers with a list of acceptable physicians to seek treatment from. You must choose from the list of doctors or risk paying for their care out-of-pocket. When the employer fails to provide this list, you might be able to see a physician of their choice.

When Do I Stop Medical Treatment?

Ultimately, your doctor will decide when you have reached maximum medical improvement or MMI. MMI does not mean you have healed fully or have returned to the physical condition you were in before your accident. Instead, MMI is the best possible condition you can be in following your workplace injury.

Once you have reached MMI, your doctor will inform your employer. At this point, the doctor states that you no longer need additional medical care. When your employer is notified, they will mail you something known as the Admission of Liability.

The Admission of Liability advises you on the status of their claim. In cases where the physician believes MMI has been achieved, this document explains that additional treatment is not authorized.

It is not unusual for a worker to disagree with the assessment that they have reached MMI. Therefore, one of the benefits of working with an attorney in Colorado Springs is that legal counsel can dispute this finding and demand additional medical treatment.

Speak With an Attorney in Colorado Springs About Medical Treatment After a Workplace Injury

When you have questions about medical treatment after a workplace injury in Colorado Springs, an attorney has the answers. You deserve legal counsel that can not only advise you on your options but help you navigate every stage of the claims process. Reach out to us today for a confidential consultation.

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