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Bad Weather Car Accidents in Greeley

Greeley roads, like almost all Colorado roads, are subjected constantly throughout the winter months to the effects of snow and ice. Consequently, Greeley drivers are expected and charged with the responsibility to take into consideration inclement weather. Drivers should allow for more distance between cars on highways when the weather becomes inclement due to increased requirements for stopping distances. In the same way, drivers should drive more slowly and cautiously on city streets, anticipating that it may take them much longer to stop for changing traffic control devices.

When motorists fail to drive cautiously on icy roads or in other poor conditions, they could be held accountable for injuries they cause in a wreck. To discuss your rights regarding bad weather car accidents in Greeley, reach out to a dedicated auto accident attorney today.

Preventing Bad Weather Wrecks

Most experienced Colorado drivers will know almost immediately when inclement weather conditions occur to drive more slowly and drive more cautiously. However, there are many inexperienced drivers on the road who do not consider inclement weather conditions. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the actions of these less experienced drivers. This can help to avoid crashes.

Unfortunately, some accidents are simply unpreventable. Even the most seasoned drivers cannot foresee every road condition or prevent the negligent actions of others. When inclement weather wrecks do occur, it is crucial to reach out to a Greeley attorney right away to go over legal options.

Steps to Take After an Inclement Weather Accident

There are certain steps that Greeley drivers can take after bad weather crashes to ensure their well-being and protect their potential injury claim.

Check for Injuries

The first step that a driver involved in an accident involving inclement weather should take is to make sure that they themselves and all passengers have not been hurt seriously from such an accident. Upon determining that they themselves or their passengers have not been seriously hurt in the accident, the party involved in the accident should determine if the other driver was seriously injured or harmed in the accident.

Collect Evidence

Upon making that determination, the plaintiff driver should, if they have a cell phone, take as many pictures as possible of the scene to preserve what the weather conditions were as close to the time of the accident as possible. That would include the road conditions leading up to the accident, the skid marks, the damage to the vehicles and the license plates of the other drivers involved, the insurance information of the other drivers involved, and any witnesses.

Contact the Police

If any injuries have been sustained by either the plaintiff injured party, the plaintiff injured party’s passengers, any pedestrians, or other drivers, it would be appropriate for the injured plaintiff driver to dial 911 to obtain emergency help to arrive at the scene.

Additionally, if the injured plaintiff driver determines that he or any other party has been injured, they should contact a police officer to arrive at the scene to make an independent determination as to who was at fault at the scene. Periodically, drivers will be advised that the police department in the appropriate jurisdiction is on accident alert, which means that the police will not come to an accident that involves no injuries or minor injuries. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the injured plaintiff driver to immediately go to the nearest police department in the jurisdiction and report the accident, preferably with the other party, so both parties can offer their version of how the accident took place in order to preserve such evidence.

Reach Out to A Lawyer After a Bad Weather Accident in Greeley

One of the most crucial steps after a wreck is to contact an attorney. The defendant driver’s insurance company will likely try to get in touch with you right away, and speaking with insurance adjusters without a lawyer’s guidance is a recipe for disaster. Insurance companies have their own best interests in mind and will often try to get you to settle for less than you deserve.

An experienced lawyer could guide you through this process and work with you to get you the payments that you need to make things right. To learn more about your legal options after bad weather car accidents in Greeley, give us a call.

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