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Drunk Driving Car Accidents in Greeley

Not all acts of carelessness behind the wheel are outright illegal. While negligent drivers can be held legally accountable for certain reckless actions, they are usually not criminally charged. This is not the case with drunk driving. Driving under the influence is illegal, so a person who chooses to drink and drive faces not only civil liability but also serious criminal consequences for their actions.

If you have endured an injury because of another’s decision to drink and drive, an experienced car crash attorney could be able to help you to recover the compensation that you deserve. Our team is prepared to take the lead after a drunk driving car accident in Greeley and demand the compensation you need and deserve.

Collisions Involving Drunk Drivers Can Result in Severe Injuries

While all car accidents can be dangerous, crashes involving drunk drivers can be even more concerning. Intoxicated drivers often do not make an attempt to avoid a collision and might be moving at speeds that are far above the posted speed limit. This can result in crashes that devastate a person’s physical health, affect their quality of life, and cost them significant losses in missing wages or property damage.

Any driver who causes a collision is liable under the law for providing fair compensation. Even so, collecting these payments as a victim is contingent upon being able to prove fault for an accident and connecting one’s losses to the event. A Greeley attorney is prepared to measure a person’s losses and show how they would not have happened if not for another’s choice to drink and drive.

Connecting Drunk Driving to Civil Liability

There is no doubt that drunk driving can result in life-altering losses. Still, injured people bear the burden of showing that another driver’s actions were the primary causes of their injuries and losses.

In examples involving drunk driving, the outcome of a criminal case may be powerful evidence for establishing liability. Colorado Revised Statute § 42-4-1301 outlines the concept of drunk driving under state law. If a police officer arrests a person for drunk driving and a criminal court later returns a conviction, this is proof that the defendant was to blame for the crash. In fact, a concept of law called negligence per se says that a civil court can presume a defendant’s liability for an accident if that defendant was in violation of a law at the time of the collision. A skilled Greeley attorney could assist with a drunk driving case by connecting an arrest for DUI to a civil demand for compensation.

After A Drunk Driving Car Accident, Contact a Greeley Lawyer

Anyone who suffers injuries because of the poor choices of someone else deserves the compensation that they need to set things right. Perhaps no example of this concept is so clear as those who endure harm because of another’s decision to drive drunk. Not only is intoxicated driving illegal under state law but driving drunk also makes it clear that a defendant is liable for any resulting injuries.

If you have questions about drunk driving car accidents in Greeley, give us a call. We are prepared to listen to your story, explain the laws that control your case, and take all necessary steps to pursue your case for compensation. Reach out to our office today to get started.

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