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Hit and Run Car Accidents in Greeley

Most demands for compensation following traffic accidents in Greeley target a negligent driver and their insurance companies as co-defendants. This means that the victim of these collisions can demand direct compensation first from insurance companies and later from the defendants themselves to cover the full extent of their losses.

When we do not know the identity of the other driver, things can become more complicated. It is all too common for people who are at fault for a collision to flee the scene of the incident. Not only is this illegal, but it may also make it difficult to obtain full compensation for your losses. Allowing an experienced attorney to take the lead in your case could help you to track down a driver following hit and run accidents in Greeley. Our car crash attorneys are also here to assist you when you need to demand compensation from your own insurance policy to cover your losses.

Helping to Identify the Perpetrators of Hit and Run Collisions

State law is clear in requiring any driver to stop at the scene of an accident where bodily harm or death has occurred. In fact, Colorado Revised Statute § 42-4-1601 says that it is a criminal offense to not remain at the scene of an accident. In addition, people involved in these incidents have an obligation under the law to provide identifying information about themselves, render reasonable aid to those who have sustained injuries, and contact law enforcement or other emergency services.

Tracking down these parties and filing a claim against their insurance company is the most direct way to collect compensation for one’s losses. Greeley lawyers are prepared to investigate the facts of a hit-and-run and pursue payments from the at-fault driver.

Can You Get Paid When You Are Unable to Locate the Other Driver?

It is often difficult to locate the perpetrators of hit-and-run accidents, but this does not mean that an injured person is out of luck when it comes to collecting compensation. One option is to seek out compensation for medical bills through an insurance policy’s MedPay coverage. Policies under state law must contain at least $5,000 worth of this protection, but many drivers choose to purchase additional coverage.

As useful as MedPay can be, it cannot provide compensation for reductions in one’s quality of life or lost wages. Here, a driver’s own insurance policy may be helpful in the event of a hit and run. Most insurance companies provide optional coverage in their policies that account for underinsured or uninsured defendants. These clauses can provide compensation in the event of a hit and run scenario in the same way that they would if the other driver lacked insurance. A skilled hit-and-run accident attorney could help to prove the extent of a Greeley driver’s losses when seeking compensation from insurance policies.

Contact an Attorney After a Hit and Run Car Crash in Greeley

When an at-fault driver flees the scene of an accident, it becomes much more difficult to obtain the compensation that you deserve. Even so, these cases are not hopeless, and our experienced lawyers could help to pursue the compensation that you need to set things right.

Our legal team can work to track down the driver of the other car. This could include speaking with witnesses and obtaining traffic camera footage. If this fails to identify the other driver, we could work to determine the benefits available to you under your own insurance policy. Call our office today to get started.

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