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Greeley Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

Side-impact car accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and may even prove fatal. After a side-impact collision, an experienced Greeley side-impact car accident lawyer could help you seek the compensation you need to pay costly medical bills, cover the value of lost wages, and protect your future. After an initial consultation, a skilled car accident attorney could collect documentation of harm and help you secure a favorable resolution.

Common Causes of Side-Impact Car Accidents

One of the reasons that side-impact crashes lead to severe injuries is because there is very little space between the vehicle occupant and the oncoming vehicle. There are many scenarios that may lead to a side-impact collision, also known as a T-bone or broadside accident. Some of the most common causes of side-impact crashes include:

  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Failing to yield
  • Striking a vehicle and pushing it into oncoming traffic
  • Pulling out of a parking space
  • Speeding

Other negligent behavior, including drunk, drugged, drowsy, and distracted driving could all lead to accidents. Regardless of the cause of a collision, a professional Greeley lawyer could investigate the cause and identify the party or parties who may be liable for the injuries from a side-impact car accident.

Who is Liable in Greeley Broadside Car Crashes?

The driver who struck a victim’s vehicle—along with their insurer—may be liable for the damage that results. This includes any injuries sustained in the crash. If a truck driver was on-duty for a commercial employer at the time of the accident, the parent company may also be liable for damages.

If the broadside collision occurred due to a vehicle defect, it is possible the vehicle manufacturer may be held accountable as well. This may occur if the car did not meet the industry standards for side-impact protection or if there was a mechanical failure within the vehicle.

Multiple parties could hold liability in a broadside car crash lawsuit. A seasoned Greely attorney could identify each potentially liable party after a t-bone car wreck to seek a more robust claim for damages.

Recoverable Damages in Side-Impact Car Accident Claims

Claimants may be eligible for a variety of damages during a legal claim, including reimbursement for lost wages, costly medical bills, surgery, rehabilitation, property damage, and other economic damages. The value of monetary losses is usually confirmed by documentation, such as pay stubs or bills from a doctor.

Compensation for nonmonetary losses, like pain and suffering, is often available but may be difficult to quantify. Many injured individuals choose to have a knowledgeable Greeley side-impact auto accident attorney evaluate the level of harm sustained in a T-bone accident. Understanding the potential value of a wreck could help individuals seek appropriate compensation during a legal claim.

Noneconomic damages are typically capped by Colorado law. However, if more than one party is liable for the damages, the injured plaintiff could pursue the full amount of damages available from each accountable actor.

How a Greeley Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney Could Help

T-bone collisions can lead to extensive damage and serious injuries. No matter the extent of a crash, it is possible to recover compensation under a personal injury legal claim. An experienced Greeley side-impact car accident lawyer could hold an at-fault driver accountable for their potentially negligent conduct. Call to schedule an initial consultation and allow a legal professional to evaluate your potential claim today.

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