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Aurora Pedestrian Accidents in Parking Lots

Parking lot accidents are troublesome in the sense that drivers think they do not need to abide by the markings on the pavement within the parking lot. The best way to get out of a parking lot is to follow the perimeter. There are usually posted stop signs where pedestrians can cross safely. Too often, someone is in a hurry to get out of the parking lot and they cut across the parking spots.

This is a problem when pedestrians are walking in and around the parking lot they sometimes cut in between those markings. If a pedestrian comes out unexpectedly from their car, the driver may not see them. The driver may be traveling at a higher rate of speed because they are in a hurry to leave. The space in a parking facility is smaller, the reaction time and the time to slow down is longer, and the driver does not see the pedestrian until it is too late. If someone has been injured in a parking lot accident, they should consult a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer that has experience dealing with cases involving Aurora pedestrian accidents in parking lots.

Parking Lots as Private Property

Parking lots are usually private property. Because they are private property, police officers will not come to the scene unless first responders arrive to provide first aid. Because both parties think they are not at fault, there is a lot of disagreement as to what caused the accident. The best way to combat that issue is to secure an independent witness if possible and contact the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation. Although they may be hesitant to come out, it is in the person’s best interest to try to get someone to the scene of the accident.

Accidents Involving Exiting Onto the Street

Aurora pedestrian accidents in parking lots occur when the driver does not pay attention to the people in the crosswalk. Their focus is getting their car out into the traffic. They are not looking for pedestrians because they do not pose a threat to the vehicle. As a result, pedestrians are usually struck in those crosswalks. It takes only a split second for the driver to make a miscalculation and the pedestrian could be seriously or fatally injured. That is why it is important for drivers to pay attention when exiting parking lots and driving onto the street.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Cars Backing Up

Cars backing up have the same duty to ensure the safety of pedestrians and avoid Aurora pedestrian accidents in parking lots. With the technology available, many vehicles are equipped with safety equipment that alerts drivers someone is behind them in their blind spots. This is an added feature but should not be relied on solely. The driver has a duty to ensure no one is behind them when they back up. A typical scenario is when a driver never sees the pedestrian until it is too late.

When some drivers back up, they become complacent because of the safety features in their car. They never really look in the rear-view mirror or the side view mirrors. They do not turn their entire body to look out the rear window. That can be a problem when the pedestrian is distracted and never sees the car backing up and the driver never sees the pedestrian. Computers and other electronics are not 100 percent fail-proof. The safety feature on someone’s car can fail; so, one should not rely solely on the safety feature. The person has a duty to make sure that no one is behind the vehicle when they are backing up.

Impact of Distracted Pedestrians

Another potential problem is a distracted pedestrian walking behind a car that is backing up. Pedestrians may not pay attention to cars because they think a driver should be paying attention to them. The only saving grace in parking lot accidents or cars backing up is that the vehicles are not traveling at a high rate of speed. At a maximum, they might be doing 10 miles an hour and the driver can quickly stop a car traveling that slowly. There is a potential for the injuries to be severe, but usually, they are not. If an individual has been injured in a serious pedestrian accident they should consult a qualified accident lawyer who could help. Aurora pedestrian accidents in parking lots can lead to serious injuries which is why it is important for individuals to work with attorneys that could advocate for them.

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