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What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Aurora

Pedestrian accidents can be jarring. A car can seemingly come out of nowhere and the resultant collision can lead to serious injuries. You may not know what to do after a pedestrian accident in Aurora, which is why it is important to speak with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. A lawyer could guide you through the pedestrian accident claims process, and devote the time and resources necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Call today and know that you are in capable hands.

Contacting First Responders

Knowing what to do after a pedestrian accident in Aurora also means knowing what actions to take and what actions to avoid. Whenever a vehicle hits a pedestrian, it is imperative that the person/pedestrian is not moved. The driver should leave the vehicle in place, not move anything, and immediately contact first responders. People do not have the tools, experience, or knowledge to assess the severity of someone’s injuries.

They may think someone is not badly injured, but that may not be the case. There can be internal bleeding or a brain bleed. There are instances where an accident happens, and the injured person does not get treatment. They fall dead five to six days later because they had a brain bleed and no one knew about it.

Most people are not trained to evaluate an injured person, and they do not have the tools necessary to make that decision. The most important thing to do when someone is involved in an accident with a pedestrian is to contact the local authorities. They can call 911 and get help immediately, regardless of the severity of the accident.

Calling the Police

After contacting the first responders, people should immediately contact the police. Nine times out of 10, once the person contacts first responders, police are also on the scene. Everything needs to be documented. If the driver was intoxicated or distracted, that needs to be documented. It affects the validity and the value of the person’s case. Furthermore, it is not legal to abandon the scene of a pedestrian accident, and it could lead to legal trouble further down the line.

Seeking Medical Attention Following an Accident

Medical attention should be sought immediately after an Aurora pedestrian accident. The first responders should be involved. A doctor can assess the severity of the person’s injuries. One miscalculation and the person is dead. The person may feel the effects externally, but they do not know what happened internally. It is important for them to get CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds, or whatever the ER doctor determines the person needs. They are equipped with the right tools to make that determination. It is imperative that one seeks treatment for a pedestrian accident immediately; not just for their safety, but also for the wellbeing of their legal case. If the person seeks immediate treatment, that helps the value of the person’s case.

Collecting the Other Driver’s Information

The best way to collect the driver’s information is to call the police. A driver gives that information to the police officer. Regardless of who is at fault, the police should always be notified. If the police are not notified, and the person cannot get the driver’s insurance information, they should ask the driver who can provide that information.

The person can take a picture of the driver’s license with a cell phone. They should also get a picture of the plate of the car and the insurance card. They should obtain all contact information from the driver, and the best thing to do is just ask. People want to do what is right 90 percent of the time. Police officers can be a great help to people who do not know what to do after a pedestrian accident in Aurora.

Collecting Evidence and Further Information

In addition to the driver’s license and insurance information, a person involved in an accident should obtain contact information for the subject driver, pictures of the collision, and the damage to both vehicles. First and second, the person should get that positioning of where the vehicles were when the accident happened immediately. That is important because it can play a huge role in who was at fault.

What to Do if the Driver Flees the Scene?

When a driver flees the scene, the other driver should get the make, model, and tags of the car. They should get as much information as possible but should not attempt to go after the subject driver. That driver could be intoxicated or on mind-altering agents that would cause them to act erratically, if not violently, towards the person. They might even have a gun with them, so it is best to let the police officers apprehend the subject.

Consulting an Aurora Pedestrian Accident Attorney

A pedestrian should immediately call a pedestrian accident attorney to assist with processing the insurance claims. Insurance companies’ adjusters contact the injured person by phone or even visit them in the hospital to get them to sign releases. If a person signs a release and is too dazed or confused to know what they are signing, they may have signed away their rights.

A personal injury lawyer can give the person good legal advice quickly, and help them figure out what to do after a pedestrian accident in Aurora. A qualified lawyer could help a person pursue the damages that they deserve.

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