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Aurora Pedestrian Accident Scenarios

A pedestrian at a crosswalk has the right of way. In the pedestrian’s mind, they feel they are safe to walk in the crosswalk. They may try to make a light and dart into the traffic and be hit by a vehicle as a result. Otherwise, a pedestrian may be lawfully using a crosswalk when a negligent driver runs a red light, is not paying attention to the traffic pattern, or never sees that pedestrian and ends up hitting them. There are a variety of Aurora pedestrian accident scenarios that could result in an individual sustaining serious injuries. If you have been injured in a pedestrian incident, consult an experienced attorney to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Lack of Sidewalks

Pedestrian accidents commonly occur on streets with no sidewalks. Drivers have no idea where the road ends and where the sidewalk begins. Pedestrians do not know where the sidewalk begins and where the street ends. In that scenario, it is best for the pedestrian to walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic when walking to avoid turning their back to a vehicle. The pedestrian can easily veer farther off the side of the road and away from threat. Once the threat has passed, they can proceed forward. Unfortunately, if a person’s back is turned to a vehicle, there is not much they can do to avoid an accident. There is no time to react to a threatening situation, and the outcome for the pedestrian can be severe, if not fatal.

Pedestrian Injuries at Intersections

One of the other common pedestrian accident scenarios in Aurora involves cars turning at intersections. Unfortunately, when there is a person in the crosswalk, they are susceptible to being hit. For example, when a vehicle is turning right on a red light, the driver has a duty to yield to people using the crosswalk. Pedestrians in the crosswalk should be mindful of people running red lights, making it imperative to be attentive and mindful of surrounding cars, especially when entering and exiting a crosswalk.

Cars turning left at an intersection also have a duty to people in the crosswalk, and pedestrians must be mindful of when a driver is turning left. The driver turning left may not be paying attention to what is behind them. If someone is in a crosswalk, they could be behind or in front of the vehicle. The driver is usually just paying attention to the green arrow or the crossing traffic.

Drivers do not pay attention to pedestrians because pedestrians do not pose a threat. However, an oncoming driver does pose a threat to another driver. Therefore, a driver attempting to make a left turn at an intersection is likely in a rush to get out of the intersection and focuses on oncoming traffic, making pedestrians vulnerable in this type of accident scenario.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Buses

Pedestrian accidents can also involve buses. There are different types of transit vehicles in the Aurora area, including school buses, local buses, and long RTD buses that carry large numbers of passengers to the major arteries of Aurora to get them to transit or downtown. Unfortunately, those buses sometimes collide with a pedestrian.

One reason for a pedestrian bus accident is when someone jaywalks or does something else they are not supposed to do. A pedestrian might be in the bus lane, and the bus driver never sees them. Bus drivers who work in mass transportation or public transportation must keep a strict schedule, because if they miss their deadlines or miss their stops, they are penalized, and that goes against them. So if a bus driver is in a rush and a pedestrian is not paying attention, a disaster is just waiting to happen.

Public Bus Stops

A pedestrian accident can also occur at a public transportation bus stop. One of the typical Aurora pedestrian accident scenarios involves a public transportation bus or an RTD bus coming to a complete stop and running over a pedestrian who is behind or between the wheel wells. The pedestrian in that accident scenario is likely to suffer severe injuries due to the bus being too close to the curb.

Another common fact patterns for these collisions is when the pedestrian is in the roadway and is struck by the side of a bus. That can also cause significant injuries. The bus driver may be in a rush trying to get to the next stop, and if the pedestrian is distracted, the result is likely going to be a preventable accident. Pedestrians who have been injured at a public bus stop should consult a knowledgeable attorney who could advocate for them.

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