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Unique Aspects of Aurora Pedestrian Accidents

As a pedestrian, it is your expectation that you can safely cross the street without sustaining serious injuries, however, that is not always the case. A driver’s negligence can have serious implications for you. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you could potentially pursue compensation for your injuries. There are certain unique aspects of Aurora pedestrian accidents that must be taken into consideration when building a pedestrian accident case. Speak with a skilled pedestrian accident attorney that could take those facts into consideration when building your case, in order to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Pedestrian Guidelines

The pedestrian must be within the crosswalk and must adhere to the walking control legends or signals available to them. The law giving pedestrian the right of way within a crosswalk requires that a motorist approaching a crossing or a crosswalk must alter their speed or direction to avoid collision with the pedestrian. Motorists entering an intersection are bound to anticipate pedestrians in the crosswalk and they must maintain a proper lookout.

Although pedestrians may have the right of way, the pedestrian still must exercise reasonable care and walk with due regard to the existing condition. Pedestrians have the right to assume that the driver will proceed with due regard for their safety and not violate the traffic laws. But the pedestrian must always maintain a proper lookout. When a pedestrian meets a vehicle, the outcome does not go well for the pedestrian. There can be severe or fatal injuries to the pedestrians.

Types of Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

One of the unique aspects of Aurora pedestrian accidents is the severity of the injuries that a person may sustain. In most cases involving a pedestrian versus a motor vehicle, the injuries can be quite severe. The types of injuries pedestrians suffer after being hit by a vehicle include traumatic brain injury, fractures, torn ligaments, and soft tissue injuries. The worst-case scenario is that the pedestrian is dead.

A traumatic brain injury is when the motor functions of the brain do not work as they did before the accident for a multitude of reasons. There may be swelling in the brain or internal bleeding. The person may have soft tissue injuries. A pedestrian hit by motorized vehicle can sustain a tear, leg fractures, and internal injuries.

Differences Between Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrians in an accident are less protected than a person traveling on a bike. When a person is on a bike, the bike may take the hit and absorbs some of that force. When a pedestrian is walking there is no protection; it is bone and ligaments versus a car. When someone is on a bike, there is some protection from the frame of the bike, the wheels, and handlebars.

one of the other unique aspects of Aurora pedestrian accidents to consider is that bicycles move less quickly than people. A cyclist can switch gears and quickly move to avoid the collision, whereas a pedestrian does not have that option. They are limited to what they can do, how fast they can run, and how high they can jump.

When Might Bicyclists be Considered Pedestrians?

A person riding a bicycle can be considered a pedestrian when they come up to a crosswalk, get off the bike, and walk the bike across the crosswalk. They are considered a pedestrian in that matter because they were walking the bike as opposed riding the bike. An attorney can make the argument that the person was a pedestrian because there is not much protection, they are not inside of an encapsulated vehicle, and they are out in the elements.

What Makes Pedestrian Accidents Different from Auto Accidents

A pedestrian versus a motorized vehicle can result in a more serious if not fatal outcome for the pedestrian. One of the most dangerous and unique aspects of Aurora pedestrian accidents is that pedestrians are not as protected as a people traveling in a motorized vehicle. When someone is in their vehicle, they are protected by the frame, the outer body, and all the safety features in the vehicle such as seatbelts and airbags.

A pedestrian is not protected by any of these. A pedestrian is usually walking down the street and is generally not wearing a helmet or knee pads and not using protective braces. They are at the mercy of the vehicle and that can be quite dangerous to the pedestrian.

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