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Common Pedestrian Accident Causes in Aurora

Pursuant to Colorado law, a pedestrian is defined as a person who is walking along a road or any developed area. This definition is extended in some circumstances to those traveling using tiny wheels such as rollerblades, skateboards, and wheelchairs. While crossing the street is an action everyone does, it can actually be quite dangerous. In fact, pedestrians sometimes find themselves injured due to the negligence of others. Common pedestrian accident causes in Aurora include things like distracted driving and drunk driving. If you were injured in an accident, consult a skilled pedestrian injury attorney who could advocate for you.

Areas where Pedestrian Accidents Commonly Occur

There are areas where pedestrian accidents are more common. When there is a long stretch of a road and no crosswalk, sometimes people do not want to walk down to the next crosswalk, so they jaywalk. When people jaywalk, they don’t have the protection of a crosswalk, as there are no traffic control legends and both lanes are traveling. The pedestrian will attempt to cross traffic at a time they think is safe.

However, the person does not know what is down the road a quarter block, half a block, or half a mile. The person does not know how fast a driver is traveling down the roadway. A vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed may not see a pedestrian jaywalking across the street until it is too late. Usually, when a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the outcome is especially bad for the person on foot. They are usually badly hurt, often with extremely severe, if not fatal, injuries.

Fact Patterns Unique to Pedestrian Accidents

Some different fact patterns unique to pedestrians are that people on foot are generally not fully engaged in what is going on in the roads around them. They may be on their cell phone or have earbuds in playing loud music. They do not hear the honk of a horn or the screeching of tires. They are distracted by being on their phone texting, tweeting, or Facebooking. They are not prepared to react to anything that pops up, and by the time they do, it is too late. Distraction is one of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Aurora and impacts both the pedestrian and the driver.

In another situation, a drunk driver may strike a pedestrian and claim they never saw the person on foot. The pedestrian may have been wearing dark clothes and blended into the night, and the driver did not see them until it was too late. Other common fact patterns surrounding pedestrian accidents in Aurora include when a motorized vehicle fails to yield the right of way to a person in a crosswalk. In some circumstances, a person who is not in a crosswalk, such as a jaywalker, is still entitled to some relief in the event of an accident.

Impact of Regional Weather Patterns on Pedestrian Accidents

One of the less-discussed but common pedestrian accident causes in Aurora is inclement weather. When there is a huge snowstorm in the city of Aurora, everyone walks. Mass transit may be shut down, and people walk wherever they need to go. Vehicles are still on the road and may not reduce their speed to accommodate the accumulating snow. The reaction time and the time needed to slow down the vehicle increases, and it takes longer to stop. Unfortunately, when a person has no experience driving in snow, they discover it is more difficult to maneuver the vehicle in snow. They cannot make quick decisions and may jerk the wheel, thereby causing an accident. People have been struck because the driver thinks they can step on the brakes in the same manner they would if the road were free and clear of any snow or debris.

What Role Does Aurora’s Population Play in Pedestrian Accidents?

The population of Aurora is increasing. Many people cannot reside in the Denver area because of the inflated rental costs. People move to Aurora because of the cost of living, lower property values, and property taxes. They like to walk and use mass transit to get to wherever they want to go. They also like to use bicycles.

There is an influx of population throughout the State of Colorado and especially in the city of Aurora. The result is more motorized vehicles, more pedestrians, and more bicycles on the road. The increase in the number of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles translates into increased chances for accidents. If an individual wants to know more about common pedestrian accident causes in Aurora and what to do following an injury, speak with a qualified attorney on our team.

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