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A hit and run accident is when someone has been hit by another vehicle and that person leaves the scene of the accident. What is most important in a hit and run case is looking to see if, under a person’s own insurance, they have uninsured motorist coverage. If a driver is involved in a hit and run and does not have uninsured motorist coverage on their own policy, nothing can be done from an insurance standpoint.

The at-fault vehicle has left the scene and has not been located, so if there is no insurance on a person’s own policy, there is no coverage, no wage loss, and no medical benefits coming to them. An experienced car accident attorney can help you communicate with insurance companies on your behalf. It may be critical to contact an Aurora hit and run accident lawyer as soon as possible. En Español.

Common Causes of a Hit and Run

One of the most common causes of a hit and run involves drug, alcohol, or no insurance. If the at-fault driver is either under the influence or does not have insurance on the vehicle, they may fear going to jail or an arrest. Aurora hit and run accident lawyers know that these collisions are more likely to occur in residential or in highly-populated areas in Denver.

What are Recoverable Damages?

Recoverable damages for a hit and run are exactly the same as a standard rear-end accident or a red light, green light case. Damages are recoverable for economic losses, which are hard numbers like out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills, wage loss, property damage, and anything on paper that can be proven, handed over to a jury, or handed over for the council as actual losses.

Non-economic damages, which are softer numbers, are more malleable because they are individualized to a person such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and quality of life diminished. Those are some things along with disfigurement, impairment, any scarring, permanent impairment, a broken leg, a herniated disc, and those sorts of things.

If the individual is found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, texting, or putting makeup on and then leaves the scene of the accident. If found they are eligible for punitive damages. Punitive damages do not automatically attach to hit and runs because someone left the scene of the accident. It still needs to be proven that the person that caused the accident did so willfully or wantonly.

Following a Collision

An Aurora hit and run accident lawyer should be contacted immediately following a collision. Attorneys have private investigators that they work with. They act as a liaison with the police department to help locate the hit and run driver. When a person opens up things like uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage policy, attorneys make sure that if the insurance company says the person does not have the coverage but they have provided a waiver or proof that the person waived that coverage. It is an automatic addition to the person’s policy that a person has to reject it in writing. If that is not located within the policy or within the claim filed, the sole benefit has to be to be afforded to the person. Contacting an attorney in a hit and run is probably more important than it would be if it was a rear-end accident because evidence can easily be destroyed quickly.

Reach out to an Aurora Hit and Run Accident Attorney Today

Attorneys can help with trying to find the at-fault party. There are lots of cameras in and around, especially Downtown Denver. If a vehicle is involved in a hit and run, they can make requests for video surveillance from banks, businesses, and gas stations that may have captured the accident on video. They are the liaison between the client and the investigating officers, the detective, and the police department in locating that individual. Regarding whether the vehicle is uninsured, attorneys step in and make those claims for uninsured motorist coverage if the vehicle has not been found. To learn more about what an attorney could do for you, contact an Aurora hit and run accident lawyer at our office today.

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