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Common Causes of Aurora Car Accidents

Unfortunately, the common causes of Aurora car accidents are largely preventable acts of negligence including distracted or intoxicated driving. With the availability of smartphones and the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, many individuals do not pay attention to the road when they should. This can lead to serious injuries that a patient will need a determined injury attorney to help cover. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about the common causes of Aurora car accidents, as well as the ways a qualified injury lawyer could fight for your rights today.

Rear-End Collisions

The most common causes of Aurora car accidents are often rear-end collisions. The area is in a busy jurisdiction with lots of high-volume traffic. Aurora and the state of Colorado suffer from many distracted drivers, so rear-end collisions are more common than any other type of accident. In Colorado rear-end crash, there is presumed liability. For instance, if it involves a car pileup, the last car in line is presumed to be responsible.

While there can be many factors that go into a rear-end accident when multiple vehicles are involved, this is often the easiest way to prove liability and fault. However, know that this presumption is rebuttable in the face of evidence that points towards the cars in front driving in a negligent manner.

Driving Under the Influence

Other common causes of Aurora car wrecks can involve intoxicated drivers behind the wheel. In these situations, lawyers are up against a different statute of limitations. It could be a one-year statute of limitations, for example, against a bar or restaurant that potentially over-served the driver. It is important to nail down a conviction on a DUI, make a claim for restitution to the DA, and get the injured party’s assistant office involved.

Law enforcement is still developing the driving under the influence tests for ingestion of marijuana, so it is more difficult to prove one’s level of intoxication in drug cases. If the defendant has been driving under the influence of alcohol, these reckless actions open the plaintiff up to additional awards for punitive damages. Because of the one-year statute of limitations, these cases need to be well-documented and ready to go into litigation quickly.

Role of an Experienced Injury Attorney

The primary reason to contact an attorney is for assistance in navigating the injury compensation process. This is not as simple as it used to be, such as under the personal injury protection that was available prior to 2003. At this time, there are various stages in the claims process, including the establishment of fault because Colorado is an at-fault state, and making sure that an individual makes claims with their own insurance under Med-Pay or UM/UIM coverage. An attorney knowledgeable about the common causes of Aurora car accidents can use their experience to help resolve a case quickly and maximize an individual’s potential compensation package. If you wish to pursue compensation following your accident, do not hesitate to retain the assistance of a dedicated injury attorney today.

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