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Driving With Headphones on in Aurora

The legality of driving with headphones on in Aurora has always seemed pretty straightforward. The reason being, that driving while listening to music or while on the phone, can be a major distraction and lead to inattentiveness on the road. In turn, that inattentiveness can put your safety and the safety of other drivers in danger.

However, many drivers use headphones while driving in order to avoid having to fiddle with their phones while driving, which can also be dangerous and distracting. Laws are changing to reflect changing attitudes towards driving with headphones on. If you want to know more about this new legislation, consult with a qualified car accident attorney today. En Español.

Changing Driving Laws

Driving with headphones on in Aurora was once considered illegal, as it is in most other states. And in some cases, it may still be. It is a reasonable law, considering that listening to music or anything else through headphones can greatly distract a driver and mute sounds coming from outside the car. With headphones in, a driver cannot hear if there is an emergency vehicle behind them or if there is something wrong with their car.

But the laws in Colorado have changed, and they likely soon will around the rest of the nation, too. Colorado noticed a problem with this particular law several years ago when the use of smartphones was increasing and drivers were seen driving with headphones on in Aurora, while out on the roads.

HB 15-1207 or the One Earbud Law

Many people were getting pulled over and even being charged for breaking the law; a law that did not really apply to them. While these drivers were trying their best to remain safe while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, they were being punished for it.

But that all changed in March of 2017 when Governor Hickenlooper signed a bill that makes it legal for drivers to wear one earbud while driving. Of course, it is still not advised that drivers listen to anything other than someone they may be having a phone conversation with, as listening to music directly through the ear can still distract drivers in all the ways mentioned. But for those who just want to be hands-free while driving and talking, this is a law that makes sense.

Impact of HB 15-1207 on the State

The new law is projected to cut back on the state’s revenue by $250 this year, and it is projected that amount could go up to $1,000 by the end of 2018. But still, it is a law that represents the changing times and that will help keep drivers safe. This new law will also help the approximately 57 drivers who are charged with driving with headphones on Aurora keep their records clean.

It is also important to note that the law only allows for one single earbud to be used while driving; and that drivers caught using two may still be pulled over and charged for doing so. The law is meant to only reflect the increased use of smartphones, and the amount of drivers that use them while they are on the roads. If you want to know more about this new law, or maintaining safety while driving, speak with a skilled car accident lawyer.

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