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While taxi cabs are still the most popular form of hired vehicle in Aurora, Uber is becoming increasingly popular amongst locals. As the popularity of Uber rises, it becomes more and more important for individuals to be aware of what to do in a common carrier accident, and what their rights are.

If you have been involved in a common carrier accident, consult an Aurora Uber accident lawyer today. Your attorney can examine the facts surrounding the incident, determine whether there is enough for a case, and help you decide what your next legal step should be. Work with a qualified and compassionate car accident lawyer that can fight for you. En Español.

Differences Between Common Carrier Accidents and Personal Vehicle Accidents

Common carriers are Uber, Lyft, taxi cabs, buses, limousines, and shuttle services. There is a commercial policy and it is usually applicable to a common carrier like a taxi cab driver or Uber driver. The minimum insurance requirement in Colorado is only $25,000 whereas the commercial policies are likely a million.

An Uber’s status as a common carrier puts two individuals or two entities unnoticed. The person that caused the accident is the person reliable, but also their employer would be liable to provide or carry those liabilities. An Aurora Uber accident lawyer could help the injured party in their attempt to hold the responsible party accountable.

Who is Responsible for Paying Damages in Uber Accidents?

There are four different stages of Uber coverage. There is no coverage when the Uber driver is not logged on to the app. There is one set of coverage when the Uber driver is logged on to the app but has not accepted a fare yet and there is the coverage that applies once the Uber driver is on the app and has accepted the fare but has not picked up the fare yet. The last stage is when the passenger is on the app, has accepted the fare, and then the person is in the car.

If the accident occurred while the passenger was in the last stage, then they could attempt to recover damages from Uber. First,  they would need to contact Uber or their insurance company and make a claim that includes whether they are a passenger in the Uber vehicle or they were hit by an Uber driver. The coverage extends and punitive damages are involved only if the Uber driver is under the influence, purposefully ran a red light, or has done something that is willful and wanton.

Importance of Contacting an Aurora Uber Accident Attorney

Common carrier cases can be very complex, especially when navigating which coverage applies, how much coverage is going to MedPay, whether there is going to be underinsured motorist coverage, talking to witnesses, and establishing comparative fault, which is why it is vital that you work with a skilled attorney.

Usually, in cases involving common carriers, there is more than one person as a passenger in the vehicle. There could be an issue of how that coverage is divided among all of the injured parties and if each person is entitled to their own med pay or underinsured motorist policy to their own auto policy system. An Aurora Uber accident lawyer could help you navigate through the insurance labyrinth, and attempt to achieve a positive outcome for you. Call today to get started.

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