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If you sustain a personal injury in a bus accident, the people or entities responsible for causing your injuries could be held accountable. Holding a negligent bus driver or company accountable for their actions, negotiating with insurance companies, and filing a lawsuit could be overwhelming could be overwhelming.

If you are trying to recover from injuries while considering a personal injury claim, a Centennial bus accident lawyer could handle the legal aspects of your recovery. A dedicated personal injury attorney could investigate your claim and help you recover after a bus crash injury occurs. En Español.

Potentially Liable Parties in a Bus Wreck

Bus drivers owe a duty of care to passengers and other individuals on the roadways. The duty extends to all bus drivers and typically includes those who drive private motor coaches. Since buses are common carriers, they are typically held to a higher standard than a traditional commuter vehicle. Bus drivers have a duty to exercise the utmost degree of care. A breach of this duty could lead to liability for harm caused by the breach.

If a bus collides with a motorist because a bus driver drifted into the wrong lane, they could be held liable for injuries sustained by the motorist, passenger in the smaller car, and bus passengers. If the driver had a record of careless or reckless driving, the employer might also be held liable. A bus crash attorney in Centennial could help identify potentially liable parties, the cause of an accident, or the factors that contributed to a wreck.

What Could Cause a Bus Crash?

The errors of a bus driver, other drivers on the road, pedestrians, and bicyclists could all cause a bus crash. Depending on the cause of a wreck, there are several potentially liable parties. A bus driver may engage in negligence and cause accidents if they:

  • Drive while distracted
  • Fail to watch for other vehicles
  • Follow too closely
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Drive while fatigued

Other common causes in bus accidents may not be based on the bus driver’s actions. In some cases, maintenance issues or other mechanical failures could cause a bus to crash. In these cases, the bus manufacturer could liable for the accident and resulting injuries.

A Centennial bus accident lawyer could investigate the cause of a bus crash on behalf of an injured person. They could use an accident report to determine how the accident occurred. This information may be vital to determining which parties potentially breached their duty.

Contact a Centennial Bus Accident Attorney

The process of healing following a bus accident could involve rehabilitation, physical therapy, or other medical treatment. The cost of medical services could be extremely high. This may notably be true if someone requires long-term care.

You could have the right to hold the appropriate individuals accountable for the value of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering sustained in a bus accident. A Centennial bus accident lawyer could help identify potentially negligent parties and ensure you adhere to strict filing deadlines. You do not have to seek compensation alone. Consult an attorney today to discuss the accident and learn about your potential for compensation.

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