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Owning a dog is a major responsibility that most dog owners take seriously. Those who do not maintain that same level of care be held legally and financially liable for their negligence if their untrained or dangerous pet attacks you and causes you to suffer injury.

Dog attacks may be painful and traumatizing in a multitude of ways. If you have been attacked by a dog, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the owner of the dog and other parties that a Centennial dog bite lawyer could help you explore. Contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the details of your attack. En Español.

How Costly are Dog Bite Injuries and Animal Attacks?

Bites, scratches, and other injuries from domesticated animals may be dangerous and painful. Bite survivors may be at risk of infection, and dog attacks could result in lacerations, bruises, and even broken bones. These injuries might be expensive to treat, and in some cases, they could be life-threatening. A small child or elderly person may notably be at risk of suffering greater damages following a dog attack.

Plaintiffs are may be required to seek hospital treatment and follow up with their primary care physicians, which could result in prohibitively expensive medical bills. The worst attacks may require a person to seek medical treatment multiple times over the course of their lifetime. Since even a brief hospital visit could sometimes cost thousands of dollars, these expenses could quickly add up.

If the injuries a person sustains prevents them from working and earning an income, they may face additional costs. Sustaining an injury due to a serious attack could require a person to remain at home on disability until they recover. This may result in an immense loss of income, which might make an already unfavorable situation unbearable. A Centennial attorney could help an injured person calculate the potential financial burden a dog bite may have in their life.

What are the Dog Bite Laws in Colorado?

While dog bite laws may vary from state to state, Colorado dog bite cases are governed by the legal principle of strict liability. If a person sustains serious bodily injury from a dog attack, the owner may have to compensate them for their pain and medical expenses.

Colorado also adheres to the informal “one bite rule,” which states that any owner whose dog attacks a person or another animal may be held liable if they knew their pet had dangerous tendencies. The owners typically cannot be held liable for lesser injuries unless their dog has previously bitten someone or exhibited dangerous behaviors in the past.

If an individual is bitten by a dog in Centennial, they could contact a dog bite attorney. A skilled lawyer may be able to help them obtain compensation for their initial injury and lesser injuries under the “one bite rule” law and could provide valuable legal input and guidance during civil proceedings.

Establishing Liability

By establishing legal liability, legal counsel may be able to hold multiple parties responsible for a dog attack in court. Other parties that may also share liability for an attack could include:

  • Pet sitters or kennel staff
  • Parents of the dog owner, if the owner is under the age of 18
  • Landlord or owner of the property where the attack occurred

Talk to a Centennial Dog Bite Attorney

Dog attacks are serious occurrences and many owners of dangerous animals may not take responsibility for their negligence in the wake of an attack. If you were attacked by a dog or any other domesticated animal, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. Talk to a Centennial dog bite lawyer today to schedule an initial consultation.

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