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Workers’ compensation insurance provides employees with a financial safety net if they are injured on the job. Despite the existence of this safety net, claiming workers’ compensation benefits are not always easy.

If you are applying or dealing with a disputed claim, an experienced Centennial workers’ compensation lawyer could help. On-the-job injuries can be frustrating and expensive to treat. A seasoned personal injury attorney could fight for recovery and a favorable outcome. En Español.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program most companies are required to participate in. The program provides injured workers with financial payments if their injury occurred on the job. Workers may file for compensation regardless of who is at fault for the injury.

The program could provide regular capped payments to injured workers until they are able to return to their jobs. As time passes and the worker returns to their regular professional duties, the payment amount steadily decreases. Many workers will attempt to access to payments quickly to maintain their standard of living while out of work. However, if an employee files for workers’ compensation after workplace injury, they cannot file a personal injury lawsuit against their employee.

What Does Workers’ Injury Insurance Not Cover?

Benefits for workers’ compensation cover a wide range of injuries. Almost every injury sustained on the job could lead to benefits, with a few notable exceptions. In most cases, workplace injury insurance will not cover injuries resulting from:

  • Off duty work
  • Horseplay or unsafe behavior
  • Defective or unsafe consumer products

A steadfast workplace injury attorney in Centennial could help injured employees understand the nuances of workers’ compensation. Although off-duty work may not lead to payments, an individual could file for workers’ compensation if they are injured at an off-site location while on the clock. If a worker is injured by malfunctioning or defective equipment, they will need to file lawsuit against the equipment maker to recover.

How to Fight Employer Disputes?

Workers’ compensation benefits are often helpful, especially if a person is unable to work for an extended period. Although many organizations must hold workers’ compensation insurance, a company could dispute an employee’s claim. If a company does not believe an employee should have access to benefits, it may attempt to prove an employee did not sustain their injury on the job.

Fighting against an employer may intimidate an employee. But with the help of a practiced Centennial workers’ compensation attorney, it may be possible to obtain benefits from a resistant employer. Often, a Centennial workers’ compensation lawyer may use witness testimony and testimony from medical professionals to determine when an injury occurred. If an appeal is successful, an employee could receive current compensation and any compensation they were denied in the previous months.

Consult a Centennial Worker’s Compensation Attorney

If your workers’ compensation claim is currently disputed by your employer, it is important to understand your legal options. Employers and their insurance companies may take great strides to save money and avoid paying employees. Such behavior can cause further financial injury to struggling workers. While recovering after an injury is never a simple task, you could receive the compensation you need to heal. Schedule a free consultation with a Centennial workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss an accident, your injury, and learn more.

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