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Many people choose to entrust a skilled nursing facility with the care of their aging family members. While this is never an easy decision, nursing homes typically provide a supportive and caring atmosphere for patients to live out their golden years. However, some nursing homes attract predatory individuals or fail to focus on patient care. When a nursing home allows improper treatment of patients, it could lead to abuse.

No one should suffer preventable injuries in a nursing home. If someone you love was injured in a nursing facility, a Centennial nursing home abuse lawyer could help protect their rights. A seasoned personal injury attorney could hold a negligent nursing home and its staff responsible for their actions through a civil claim. En Español.

Common Types of Nursing Home Mistreatment

Since nursing facility patients are typically older and infirm, they may be unable to express their feelings or advocate for themselves. This makes them susceptible to abuse at the hand of nursing home employees. There are countless ways abuse could occur in an elder care facility. Common forms of nursing home abuse include but are not limited to:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial exploitation
  • Negligence

Negligence, or failing to provide adequate care and attention, may result in additional physical and mental problems, such as bedsores, slip and fall accidents, or malnutrition. Emotional abuse is also a problem in many nursing homes. Emotional mistreatment may dehumanize, humiliate, or intimidate a nursing home resident. It often goes unnoticed and leaves nursing facilities unaware of the emotional abuse their patients suffer.

Emotional abuse may include direct or indirect verbal threats, as many perpetrators seek to isolate, mock, and ignore their victims. Emotional abuse may be difficult to recognize and often occurs when managers, supervisors, and other patients are not around. Families may wish to have an observant Centennial nursing home abuse attorney examine potential signs of emotional abuse.

Holding Negligent Care Facility Administrators Liable

Nursing home administrators and managers are responsible to ensure patients receive proper care. They are also responsible to ensure caring and qualified staff members are hired and that they are following state and local laws. When a nursing facility administrator or supervisor fails to do this, they risk the safety of patients. A lack of oversight could create a dangerous and intimidating atmosphere for patients and ultimately lead to abuse.

Patients and residents are entitled to dignity regardless of their mental or physical state. Any form of abuse could lead to compensation from a variety of parties. If a patient is abused by a staff member while on their clock, the nursing home administrator could be held responsible. In addition to the staff, administrators must provide the utmost care. Failing to ensure this could lead to claims of negligence.

Consult a Centennial Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

If a nursing home engaged in abusive behavior towards someone you love, you are probably angry, confused, and feel as if your trust was betrayed. Fortunately, you could hold the responsible party liable in court. By working with a skilled attorney, you can protect those you care about and prevent future harm. A Centennial nursing home abuse lawyer could investigate potential abuse, identify liable parties, and work to protect those you love. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your potential claim.

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