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Following a Denver Motorcycle Accident

The most important decisions following a Denver motorcycle accident are to contact first responders, police, and a proficient motorcycle collision attorney. The Gaiennie Law Office has experience to help a motorcycle rider who has been involved in a collision. The Gaiennie Law Office will seek relief from every avenue possible to ensure the injured rider’s rights are protected and they receive all the relief they are entitled to under the law.

Immediate Actions to Take Following a Motorcycle Crash

The first thing that should be done following a collision is to contact 9-1-1 to obtain help from first responders immediately. The injured party should be looked at by a doctor at a hospital. Speaking to police could also be part of what to do following a Denver motorcycle accident.

Police need to show up to the scene of the accident so they can keep an accurate account of facts leading up to the collision, witness statements, parties involved, their statement.

If the individual is still on the scene, they should exchange as much information as possible but if the police are on the scene, they can just seek medical attention and not focus on getting information, be it any important information that they need.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

An individual should contact an attorney can help them navigate the process following a Denver motorcycle accident. If legal counsel is contacted immediately following a motor vehicle collision they can help the injured party deal with the insurance company.

Many of the calls to the insurance company are recorded and an individual never wants to say something that may hurt their case in the future. Lawyers can speak to the insurance companies on the injured person’s behalf.

Risk of Handling a Case Without an Attorney

The insurance company knows when a person is represented by an attorney or when they are not represented by an attorney. If they know they are not represented by an attorney, they will take advantage of the injured rider.

They employ tactics to diminish the value of the case and do everything they can to drag the case out to minimize the amount of money they will pay the injured rider. Insurance companies often use to line their pocket and an adept lawyer could fight to make sure the injured party receives all the relief they are entitled to. Legal counsel may advise against making any statements to the insurance company or the other party without an attorney present.

How a Lawyer can Help After Motor Scooter Collisions

Even if an individual does not have insurance, the Gaiennie Law Office will do everything they can to find the insurance from the party that caused the collision. There are different avenues the Gaiennie Law Office can use to try and obtain relief for the injured motorcyclist. It is imperative to contact a motor scooter lawyer to seek the relief that they deserve.

The reason why it is important to contact an attorney following a Denver motorcycle accident is because an attorney can get involved by speaking to witnesses and preserving necessary evidence. If debris has not been cleaned up at the scene, it is important to try to get that debris because they can try to piece back together what happened.

They use different types of accident reconstructionists who can actually take that information and use it to their benefit. A lot of times, the quicker they can get to the scene and get that information, the better it is for the motorcyclist.

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