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Traumatic Brain Injuries Following a Denver Motorcycle Accident

A traumatic brain injury is different from a broken limb or a punctured lung. An injury to a limb will limit the use of a specific part of the body which an individual’s personality and mental abilities remain unchanged. Most often, these body structures heal and regain their previous function. Brain injuries do not heal like any other injuries recoveries because it is a functional recovery. It is based on the mechanisms that remain uncertain. No two brain injuries are alike and the consequences of two similar injuries may be very different.

Symptoms may appear right away or may not be present for days or weeks after the injury. One of the big consequences of a brain injury is that the person often does not realize that a brain injury has occurred. A mild traumatic brain injury may cause temporary dysfunction of the brain cells. More serious traumatic brain injuries can result in bruising, torn tissues, bleeding and other physical damages to the brain that can result in long-term complications or death. If you have sustained traumatic brain injuries following a Denver motorcycle accident, seek the services of a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer that could help you pursue the damages that you deserve.

How TBIs Happen During a Motorcycle Accident

A traumatic brain injury(TBI) occurs when an external force causes brain dysfunction. A traumatic brain injury usually results from a violent blow or jolt to the head or body. A good example is a motorcyclist striking their head on an object.

TBIs or traumatic brain injuries are significant injuries because they are very different from other injuries. They usually take a lot longer to heal and no two injuries are the same because no two people have the same type of brain. The dysfunction of the brain cell can be serious or minor, it all depends on the blow a rider has received.

Symptoms to Look Out for Following a Motorcycle Accident

Things to look out for regarding TBIs after a motorcycle accident are loss of consciousness and difficulty with any of the following:

  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • Distraction
  • Memory
  • Speed of processing
  • Confusion, impulsiveness
  • Language processing
  • Inability to understand a spoken word
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Slurred speech
  • Problems reading and writing
  • Speaking too fast or speaking too slow,
  • Difficulty interpreting touch, temperature, movement, limb, and position
  • Partial or total loss of vision, weakness of the eye muscles, double vision, problems judging distance, involuntary eye movements, and light tolerance
  • Decreased hearing, ringing in the ears, increased sensitivity to sounds

This is not an exhaustive list but this shows that there is an array of issues that one can have with traumatic brain injuries following a Denver motorcycle accident. Therefore, it is important to make sure that when an individual is involved in a motor vehicle collision, they are looked at by a trained medical expert to ensure and rule out any serious injuries to the brain.

Safety Measures a Person Can Take

Traumatic brain injuries following a Denver motorcycle accident have substantial long-term effects. The best way to protect oneself is to wear an approved DOT helmet. The helmet will reduce the effect of the injury to the brain and it may completely stop the injury from happening in the first place. A TBI can last for a very long time if not for the remainder of the motorcyclist’s life. That is why if you have been injured in a traumatic brain injury accident, you should contact a skilled motorcycle accident attorney that could build your case.

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