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Safety Measures to Prevent Denver Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can result in near-fatal injuries for the drivers, especially because motorcycles offer less protection to the drivers than vehicles do. Although motorcycle accidents are often due to negligent drivers, motorcyclists and car drivers can both try to take certain safety measures to prevent Denver motorcycle accidents. The first thing people can do to prevent motorcycle accidents is slow down and not race the motorcyclist or cut in front of them. It is good to remember, the motorcycle is smaller and everything on a motorcycle is magnified. If a person wants to know more about measures they can take to prevent accidents and protect themselves, they should speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer that could advise them.

Precautions Motorcyclists Can Take

One of the safety measures to prevent Denver motorcycle accidents is staying aware of surroundings. Motorcyclists especially need to be aware of their surroundings and make themselves as visual as possible. They should use their horn, if necessary, and make sure they are operating a motorcycle that has no flaws. An individual’s actions can and will mine life or death for them should they make a mistake. They should always ride with lights on and bring reflective clothing. They should wear the proper protective gear as the gear may save their lives if they are involved in an accident.

Lastly, they should always signal their intentions. It is in the motorcyclist’s best interest to keep both their hands on the handlebars always. They never want to take their hand off the handlebars. All the key components an individual needs to operate the motorcycle are on the handlebars: brakes, signals, horns, clutch and, most importantly, the handlebars themselves.

Rules Concerning Wearing Helmets

Colorado Revised Statute 42-2-1502 Sub-Section 4.5 states that a person shall not operate or ride as a passenger on a motorcycle or low-powered scooter unless each person under 18 years of age is wearing an approved motorcycle helmet. If an individual wears a helmet, more likely than not, they will not sustain a brain injury or die. Failure to wear a helmet could make the motorcyclist comparatively negligent and this, in turn, could reduce the amount of money the motorcyclist could recover from the at-fault party.

Consequences of Not Wearing a Helmet

If a person does not wear a helmet, they could suffer broken bones but the bones will heal and a TBI could last forever. If an individual does not wear a helmet and is involved in a collision, they are one step closer from receiving the maximum relief from the at-fault party. The at-fault party will be less likely to place any blame on the motorcyclist for the collision if they are wearing a helmet.

Also, failing to wear a helmet could lead to a serious brain injury if not death. It is in an individual’s best interests to always wear an approved DOT helmet when operating a motorcycle, regardless of how slow they are traveling or where they are going. Wearing a helmet is one of most important safety measures to prevent Denver motorcycle accidents that a person can take. If an individual has been involved in a serious accident, they should speak with a skilled attorney that could advocate for them.

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