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Common Injuries Following a Denver Motorcycle Accident

Common injuries following a Denver motorcycle accident can include scrapes and bruises, soft-tissue injuries, neck and back pain, fractured and broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and, death. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can advise you on the steps to take after your collision.

What Are the Dangerous Aspects of Riding a Motorcycle?

A motorcyclist is not encapsulated like a person in a car. The injuries are aggravated because they are not as protected as someone in a car which has a roll bar which is meant to keep the driver inside the vehicle. A person inside a vehicle is also usually wearing a seatbelt and an SRS, a supplement restraint system.

Because of that, they have so many forms of protection inside the vehicle that protect them from the outside element. A motorcycle does not have those. A motorcyclist only wears a helmet, leather jacket, maybe a glove and eyewear. If they are sent careening off their motorcycle in a Denver accident, the injuries that they can face are commonly severe and very serious. Motorcycle riders should seek medical attention and contact a Denver attorney as soon as they can after a collision

Common Injuries After a Motor Scooter Collision

Common injuries following a Denver motorcycle crash may include road rash, arm or leg injuries. Road rash becomes present when the rider slides across the pavement after the motorcycle collision. A rider can fly over the handlebars due to the impact and the concrete rubs on the skin as the body skids across the pavement. Biker’s arm injuries occurs because the motorcyclist is not encapsulated inside a car.

The motorcyclist does not have the car to lessen the impact on the body. Therefore, the motorcyclist is thrown off the motorcycle and the human instinct is to use the arms as a brace. One can suffer injuries like scrapes and bruises or broken bones. A leg injury such as shattered or fractured bones on the knee, and they can include scrapes, cuts, road rash and bruises.

Severity of an Accident Involving a Motorcyclist

When an individual is in a vehicle with a seatbelt safely fastened properly, they will most likely not fly many feet from where they are seated because they are protected by a structure, their own car, and the SRS, the supplement restraint system.

A motorcycle does not have a steel outer skeleton acting as a liaison between the rider and the environment. A motorcyclist will immediately be thrown off and ejected, and this will cause serious injuries to the rider.

The severity stems from the lack of safety equipment on a motorcyclist’s head. There is no barrier between the rider and the environment. A minor fender-bender is magnified on a motorcycle and the injuries tend to be a lot more severe.

Responding to Injuries Following an Accident

A doctor will immediately order x-rays, CAT-scans and an MRI for common injuries following a Denver motorcycle accident. The MRI is done to rule out any internal bleeding that may occur from the collision, the x-ray will be ordered if a bone may be broken or fractured and a CAT-scan will be ordered if the injured party shows any symptoms of any type of mild or severe brain injury.

It is imperative to immediately seek help from a doctor at a hospital. An individual does not know the severity of their injuries and if they have internal bleeding or a brain bleed, it needs to be addressed immediately as waiting too long could be detrimental to the individual’s health or even fatal. It is not worth waiting to see what happened. Seeking help immediately is the best course of action to ensure that nothing serious is wrong.

Discuss Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries With a Denver Attorney

Motorcycle riders should be able to enjoy the road without concern for suffering a severe accident. Unfortunately, collisions still happen. To learn more about common injuries following a Denver motorcycle accident, contact our firm today.

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