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Denver Laws and Out-of-State Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents are overwhelming enough without the added stress of being an out-of-state cyclist. It can be difficult to know how to navigate the situation, especially if you are unfamiliar with local motorcycle laws. If you want to know more about Denver laws and out-of-state motorcyclists or, you have been involved in a serious motorcycle accident, speak with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer that could help.

Aspects of Denver Laws That Out-of-State Motorcyclists Should Know

If an individual is over the age of 18, they are not required to wear a helmet. Some form of eye protection is legally required for all riders, drivers, and passengers. Passing or overtaking a vehicle in the same lane is illegal in Colorado, no lane-sharing or splitting with cars. However, motorcyclists can share a lane or co-ride with other motorcycles. As a rider, they cannot attach their motorcycle to another vehicle, cannot tow.

If an out-of-state motorcycle is involved in a collision, they will be afforded the same rights as an in-state motorcyclist. If that rider has a valid N-endorsement on their driver’s license or the equivalent.

Out of State Insurance Benefits

The benefits that stay with the motorcyclist when traveling between states are the medical expenses, lost wages, nurse care, either state-specific policies and each state lays out what benefits each policyholder is afforded.

Defenses Out-of-State Motorcyclists Could Use

The motorcyclist could argue that they are not familiar with the rules of the road, they are not aware of the environment/roads,  they were only using their best sense of judgment, and they had no intention to cause the harm they did. Unfortunately, that defense is not going to work well because if an individual is operating a motor vehicle on the roadway, it is deemed that they do know the laws.

When Do Out-of-State Laws Apply When a Motorcycle Accident Occurs?

Local motorcyclists must follow Denver laws, and out-of-state motorcyclists are subject to those same rules. Motorcyclists must follow the rules of the road, and it is important to be aware of the jurisdiction in which an individual will be traveling in. The helmet laws are the biggest laws that can change from one jurisdiction to another. Wearing a helmet is the safest thing any motorcycle rider can do to improve their safety on the road. Whether it is required or not, it is a good idea to be proactive in wearing a helmet. In defense of an accident, not wearing a helmet could potentially hurt the case as a jury may lead to believe they did not take safety seriously. Anything an individual does on their end to protect themselves will only help them in the long run.

Tips for Out-of-State Motorcyclists in Denver

Bikers must follow the same rules of the road as other motorized vehicles. Motorized vehicles must give a minimum of three feet of space when passing a bicycle. If a biker is riding between sunset and sunrise, they must use lights and they must use hand signals or some type of signal on their motorcycle to alert others of what they are intending on doing. An out-of-state rider should be aware of all traffic patterns and weather patterns in Aurora, Colorado. Weather can change on a dime and a motorcyclist should be prepared for those changes. If an individual has any questions that they need to be answered about Denver laws and out of state motorcyclists, they should consult a qualified motorcycle accident attorney that could help.

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